'That's Cute On You'

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You lay on the couch bored out of your mind! You sigh, and Gon is next to you in a comfortable position, closing his eyes. You didn't want to disturb his peace, but what else was there to do?!

You scrunch up your face, and decide to just lay with him. You adjust, and was successfully under his arm. You lay on his chest, and you feel him shift slightly. "Y/n?" He asked. Your eyes widen, and you puff out your cheeks.

"Mm, sorry... But you're so warm..."

"It's okay! You're so cute!" He says, hugging you.

You two end up napping like that.

You scroll through your phone, sighing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing interesting. You groan, and lay on the couch. Killua shows up. "What are you doing?" He asked with a frown, trying to move your legs. Your legs stay in place, and you close your eyes.

"Well, what does it look like to you? I'm being bored"

Killua walks away, and comes back with a burrito. You prop yourself up with your elbows, and frown at him hard. "Wow. You didn't get me a burrito. Seriously?"

Killua raises an eyebrow. "You're being really mean today" he mumbles.

"It comes with boredom, kid"

He scoffed, and took a bite of his burrito. "You're just lucky it's cute on you"

You smile, and close your eyes again.

You were currently watching a video on your phone. Laughing hysterically out loud. Your stomach even hurt because you were laughing so much. Illumi walked in without you noticing, and you just went all out with your laughter.

You even snorted once or twice. Illumi liked the way you laugh, and he just stood there, watching you. The video was over, and you were still giggling. Taking out your headphones, you realize Illumi was staring at you. You look away slightly embarrassed.

"Don't tell me you heard me.. " you mumbled.

"Oh, I did." He said. You mentally face palmed. "I like your laugh. It's cute on you." You inwardly blush, and thank him, before walking out of the room, still embarrassed.

To be completely honest, I just think he'd say sexy. But I guess I'll make a scenario.

You had just finished watching a scary movie with weird love scenes, and jump scares, and weird parts, so you were all over the place! Jumpy, a blushing mess, shy! It'd be like this for a few days.

As you were reading a book on the couch, a hand touched your shoulder, and your mind immediately thought of one of the scenes from the movie. You jumped, squeaked, and blushed deeply. Turning to your side, you realize it was only your boyfriend.

He raises an eyebrow, and leans in, slightly licking your neck. You squeak, and blush again, hiding your face behind a pillow. Hisoka frowns, and folds his arm. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You're suddenly out of character..." He says.

You just registered what he was saying. And sighed.
"I'm sorry, Hisoka. I know it's such a turn off for you when I'm easy to read... I just watched a movie with mixed scenes. I'll be like this for a few days so stay away...."

He sighed. "It is very much a turn off" he said, and starting to strut away, seemingly listening to your orders. "But it's also slightly cute on you" he mumbles.

Phinks was across from you, and held your hand firmly. He was ready, and you were too! Pakunoda insured that it was fair, and the match began. You puffed up your face, tried your hardest, but sadly, he beat you within the blink of an eye.

He smiled proud, and you sat back, and huffed.
"Awe! No!" You pouted, and folded your arms. Chrollo appeared in front of you, and he bent down smiling.

"What's wrong?" He asked, slightly chuckling.

"Phinks beat me!" You fell back as if life had defeated you.

"You don't lose very often..." He mumbles, then he laughs. "You don't pout a lot either! Haha!"

You sat up and glared at him.

"Don't make me feel worse!"

He laughs more, and ruffles your hair a bit.
"Why would you feel worse? It's cute on you"

He gets up, still amused, and you sat there pouting more.

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