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Hola Guys! This is the interview of @Impedimenta ..He's awesome and a good friend of mine!! His story rocks..And FAN HIM :D

Your Username: Impedimenta

Your Name: Tommi, (Finnish editing from Tommy)

Your favorite author: Do I have to name all of them?

Well on real world: - Dan Brown

                               - J.K.Rowling

                                -Suzanne Collins

and on Wattpad: - MeTheDumbBlonde (she's awesome author, trust me)

                                -BeautifullySimple (another awesome author)

                                -Potterhead394 (awesome book, and awesome so far) {he's just kidding..}

                                -BibiFatti (another great, and awesome author)

Your Favorite book in here on Wattpad: - A Life I Almost Knew/A Web I Almost Weaved                         by@MeTheDumbBlonde

                                                                      -Finding Hope by@BeautifullySimple

                                                                     - The Dragon's Heir by@pmpanda

Your first book in Wattpad you've written: Well my first story what I've written on here.....It was Agent Slex 001: The Life of Double Agent.... and I had to delete it, bad story...

Would you like to promote any stories here? If yes, what's the summary of the story: Well I like to promote my friends@BekkaChaos 's The 75th Hunger Games, Forget what you know. This isn't a game anymore. I never thought i would find the things i have, love, in more ways than one, courage, in the face of danger, and good, despite the overwhelming evil. My name is Olivia Hanspark, and welcome, to the 75th Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favour.


@BeautifullySimple 's Finding Hope, Roses are red. Violets are blue. I’m like gum under your shoe. I have no place. I want no place. I’m a puzzle piece that’s left out, that you can’t find the place where it fits. No one wants me. I want no one. What a sad day it is to have a stone heart. It only makes sense though. || Because you stole my hope.

What inspires you? Well, usually the song, or the summer forest, the ideas, or words of my friends, or like that Are you planning to write any other story here?: Well, I do have a many like 11-14 stories, here, but I just focus on to two or three on time...and I think that there's coming a new story the end of June, idk

Would you like to say anything to the newcomers here?: Well, we "old ones" likes a more and more comments and votes and becoming fans, and positive words, and they keeps us keeping the stories on here. Don't be silent reader, and if you get any really good ideas, first just make the plot for it and then start to wrote that story.

Would you like to promote anybody else's story? Why? Well I like to promote also my and Firework_101's story called The Darkness, because, it doesn't have a lots of readers what it should have oh and in the end, I make covers, just click the became fan on my side and PM the title, summary, ideas, actors/actress, and is it cover or banner, so see you guys soon :)