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( extended summary! )


arabella was a beautiful young girl who was the princess of a wealthy kingdom. she was never quite happy with her royal life and longed for something else. something more.

one day she traveled to the village beyond the castle walls and ventured. in that village, she met a young boy by the name of malcolm. the two fell in love and arabella left her royalty life to be with him. years later, they were grown up and were expecting a child. they named their son rumplestiltskin.

when rumple reached the age of five, his mother went missing. she just disappeared. for years malcolm searched for her, asking people in villages across the realm if they had seen his love. but no one had.

three years later, malcolm is still searching for his love. but then he just couldn't take it anymore. when he and rumple take the bean to neverland, malcolm trades his son for youth and immortality. then he became peter pan.

in neverland, he tried to find a way to find his one true love, but he never found one. he became evil, arrogant, and cocky, not caring about anyone or anything. but deep down he was broken. broken because he lost his love.

years later, in the fairytale town called storybrooke, a mysterious young girl appears at the town line, in torn clothing, bruises, and blood. emma along with henry, mary margaret and david, find the girl and bring her to the town hospital, not knowing who this girl really was.

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