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The next time Harry ordered it wasn't exactly for the pizza itself, but rather to find out a little more about this particular pizza worker with a smart tongue.

Harry called and slightly hoped the same person would answer, it would make things incredibly easier, and finally when the familiar, "Pizza Place, may I take your order?" from the same soft voice spoke, Harry couldn't help but slightly smile.

"Hi, can-" Harry started.

"Oh? Pineapple boy, again?" The voice quizzed.

"You remember me?" Harry said with a boyish grin plastered across his face, his dimples poking out with no shame.

"Hard to forget your voice, don't tell me, pineapple pizza with the works?" At this Harry could see this mysterious guy roll his eyes.

"Yeah, a large one," Harry added on.

"Just for the record, pineapple starts to eat your mouth if you eat too much of it," the soft voice sounded serious too. Harry couldn't help but laugh, he's heard something along the lines of that but he never paid it any mind. The soft voice huffed. "Pick up or Delivery?"

"Delivery," Harry answered.

The soft voice hummed for a moment, "Alright, text details to come, thank you for ordering Pizza Place,"

"Wait," Harry exclaimed suddenly getting nervous.

"Yes?" The voice was slightly hesitant.

"What's your name?" Harry asked, and felt incredibly lame afterwards.

There was a pause, and then, "wouldn't you like to know, but don't give out info to pineapple boys, no mater how incredibly hot their voice is," and then he hung up.

Harry shook his head, he bit his lower lip and groaned inwardly. Well, Plan A appeared to have failed spectacularly. But, he did say Harry's voice was hot, so maybe that was a plus.

Now, however, he was stuck with a pizza that he didn't really want, and with the same info on this guy as when he started.

Harry fell back against his bed, and he wondered what this guy looked like. He sure had a pretty voice, well, as pretty a voice as a guy can have.

Harry quickly realized the only way he'd ever find out anything is if he went down and talked face to face. He sat up quickly, and groaned, why didn't he realize this sooner? If he went down now, that would be so weird, he would wait a few days, maybe a few weeks, he didn't want to come off as desperate. He was just curious as to who this guy was. That's it.

Harry determined that he would wait a few weeks. Just a few. And try to talk in person just once, and if that failed well- he really really hoped it wouldn't.


The parts may or may not be short. Dunno yet. But I feel like this could be a cute short story ya know?

20 votes and 5+ comments to update. Thank you for the love, this was buried from a few years ago and I found it and thought I'd give it a shot x.

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