Cherry: Chapter 10

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"What are you doing?" Cherry's heart jumped into her throat while her hands jumped into Phil's shorts. "You can't... please just..."

Her actions contradicted the words. Digging inside Phil's pants, she brought his cock out and stroked it while Brad forced himself right up inside her.

"No," Phil grunted, slapping her hands out of the way. "More."


He came so close the smooth fabric of his shirt brushed her pointed nipples, making her shiver. "I want inside you, Cherry."

Her pussy clenched. "But Brad's inside me."

Brad didn't say a word, just groaned as her pussy tightened around his shaft. He slowed right down, no longer pummeling her cunt, as he waited to see what would happen. Cherry wasn't exactly sure what Phil had in mind, either.

As Phil unbuttoned his shirt, Brad reached around and took hold of her breasts. From her purse, Cherry extracted the lube she'd stolen from her mother. While her boyfriend tweaked her tits, she squeezed some of the slippery stuff into her palm, then slipped the tube into Brad's pocket.

Phil gasped when she traced her slick hands up and down his shaft.

"Feels good, doesn't it, Daddy?"

"Daddy," Brad repeated, just a whisper in her ear.

Phil thrust into her hands and she squeezed him, squeezed his dick so tight she wondered if she was hurting him. But Brad always told her it was impossible to hurt a guy that way, so she went at Phil hard and evoked a big moan.

"Are you gonna come, Daddy?"

"No," Phil growled, shoving his dickhead right up against her baby-smooth mound. "Not just yet."

What was he doing? His tip slid down her slit, drizzling precum and lube across her clit.

"Daddy, wait," Cherry whispered, when she felt him prodding at her pussy. "Brad's already in there."

"I noticed."

Brad groaned, because Phil kept pushing against her, driving Cherry against his body. She fully expected him to say something like, "Wait your turn, old man." But he didn't. He didn't say anything, just panted wretchedly in Cherry's ear.

She didn't understand this. Any of it. Why was Phil trying to force his cock in her pussy when she was already full of Brad? Her hands were covered in lube, but she pushed against his bare chest, saying, "There's no room, Daddy. Brad's already inside me."

"I don't care," Phil growled. "I'm getting in you, little girl."

Cherry stopped breathing. He couldn't mean it, could he? Her pussy was so nice and sweet and tight. Either of their cocks was a snug fit. How could they possibly get in both at once?

"Nooo!" Cherry cried, as Phil's slick dick slid in beside Brad's.

Without a word, Brad covered her mouth. His fingers smelled like guitar strings.

"You want me to stop?" Phil asked as he shoved the bulb of his cockhead past the mouth of her cunt.

Cherry screamed into Brad's hand, but she didn't answer.

"Want me to stop?" Phil asked again.

Tears welled in her eyes as two cocks stretched her pussy wide, opening her right up. How were they doing this?

"Answer me, Cherry."

She shook her head, just slightly.

"Did you say no?" Phil urged his dick farther into her snatch, sending streams of pleasure pain crackling through her veins. "You don't want me to stop? Say the words."

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