Chapter Forty» My Apocalypse

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You're going to be okay. Everything's going to be fine.

These very small words can move the weight of mountains. Such a small a phrase yet it can bring forth an army of hope. Hope that will lead you on. That will become your strength.

Strength in the much needed hour of fear.

Silence played against each corner of the wall. Deafening me. There remained no will left in me. No hope. It was as though the bearer of grief had lost his flute, unable to play the tunes and the only thing that remained between us, was grief.

Blinding grief.

Closing my eyes tightly. I prayed for the world to still, to hold its hinges for a minute. To let me breath in this suffocating world. The familiar dark eyes played before me. Dark charcoal eyes that held me a prisoner, pursuing freedom.

He was my Apocalypse.

My destruction.

Sitting upwards I felt the long tubes hold on to my flesh, bringing me backwards. Chaining me against the misery of medicine. Singing a tune of freedom

Saring aimlessly at the ticking clock, the time before me flowed by like the passing of the river. Washing away. Stopping for no one. How was it, that the life I once loved, I now detested. Wanting it to end. Wanting it to stop, for there remained nothing to live for. Nothing to wake up for. No will.

" Naina sweetheart please have something to eat" Lee spoke with her British accent, making me glance up at the woman. Seeing her give me a soft smile, encouraging me to eat.

Shaking my head, I moved away. Not able to swallow the content down my throat. Knowing I would throw it backwards. Despite Lee telling me she'll have to use force if I didn't eat, I found myself trying to sit upwards. Wanting to walk. Wanting to feel my legs again.

" I'll have to call him if you don't want. He gave me clear instructions" Lee spoke trying to intimidate me making me smile despite myself. Knowing Lee was the softest soul I had come across. She was the most patient woman I ever knew.

Lee was an African - American that moved to the UK nearly fifteen years ago. Along the way, she lost her American accent and caught up with the British accent, yet in her defense. Her three children and husband had all, the same accent and she felt the odd one out. Nonetheless, Lee never failed to make me smile.

The way she'd walk inside the room, with her radiant smile, always lit my day. Even if for the past eight months I was trapped inside this God forsaken room. The seven months being when I was in coma.

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