Do you?

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Have you just stared at the celing before?

Do you think about life?

So those thoughts of life turn out to be the exact opposite?

Voices in your head screaming to end the thoughts?

Maybe by making them a reality?

Do you think about the rope?

The warm water surrounding your cold body?

You're girlfriend or your mom walking in screaming because they don't know what happened?

The closer the light might get?

Or if there is any light at all?

Did you think about your family?

How your the black sheep?

How they talk about you during gatherings

You're the emo

The best

The fake gay

The weirdo

The gross one

The who're

The one that's going to jail

The one set up for immediate failure

How many times did you think about This?

One time?




Did you think about how easy it would be to end it all?

Or did you not care

Did you not care about the face you girlfriend would get when she found you?

The trama?

The never ending depression that made your sadness hers

You didn't care

You only care about everyone else

You cared about the mother that watched you cry yourself to sleep every night

You only cared about the person that lied to you

You only cared about the person that cheated on you

That manipulated you

Stole from you

Beated you

Took any trust you ever had and threw it away

You should thought about the girl that held you when you were crying

That wiped your tears

Kissed your stomach

But you did

Do you think about how it's too late to care now?

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