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Pen Your Pride

A Little Bit Confused

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A/N-Just a present for the people who have actually reached until this chapter. Will be gone for a few days, so I'll leave you with this.


“I got you something,” Niall said, as she stopped to retrieve her the key card to her room. They had just finished the show in the arena tonight, and it was nearing midnight.

Kol had watched from the tech booth, because security wouldn’t allow her to watch amongst the audience, even the best seats there. She watched the boys doing their thing, as well as the segments where they interacted with the fans using Twitter and in between songs, at the same time, seeing how lights and sounds worked.

“You know you don’t have to feel like getting me anything just because I got you a few things today,” she said, tapping the card and the light on the knob that blinked green. She twisted the knob and leant on the doorframe. “You guys have just been so nice to me, and no one’s really treated me as well as everyone here have.”

“No, no. I want to. I actually got it before you gave those presents earlier. I got it the day when we went target shooting,” Niall said, waving it off as if it wasn’t a big deal. He handed her a flat box and looked a little shy as he did.

She glanced up at him and took it. She peered into it and laughed when she saw what was inside. It was a silver necklace, but it was the flat silver pendant that made her laugh. It was in the shape of a mustache. “Well, I certainly won’t forget Juan Direction now,” she grinned, taking it out of the box and letting him attach the hooks together for her. “Your SNL appearance really was hilarious.”

Niall hadn’t been the kind to be good at giving presents, but just like Kol, he went more for humor than romanticism when he gave presents. “Well, I thought you needed a piece of something to have me with you when we’re not together.”

“I was getting worried that you ought me some heart-shaped necklace that could be split in two and you would have the other one,” Kol let out an exaggerated sigh of relief. “You know I don’t do well with cheesy stuff.”

“So you wouldn’t like the big wheel of cheese that I was planning to send later then,” Niall said jokingly. “Fancy having a drink downstairs before you turn in though?”

Kol touched the mustache pendant and then looked up at him, “I don’t think I can deny you of anything right after getting a present.”

“Well…” Niall laughed the way he did when he was thinking of something dirty, “…in that case…”

She pushed his chest and closed the door behind her as she said, “We’re having such a nice conversation. Don’t mess it up.”

When they got to the hotel bar, they went straight to one of the open area outside meant for the smoking area. There were too many people inside the bar, mingling and socializing, and all Niall and Kol wanted to do was have a quiet time to chill out.

Niall ordered a couple of beers, and Kol poured herself half a bottle’s worth into the chilled glass.

She looked at Niall, who had half his face concealed by the same ‘Luck of the Irish’ cap that she got for him earlier that day. Not only that, be he had the trainers that she gave him on as well. When he glanced up at her though, the beautiful color of his eyes pierced her. When he wasn’t talking or smiling, he looked like some very hot-looking jock type. He certainly was interested in almost every manly sport there was. He was a typical guy.

Out of all the boys, Niall was the one that she had probably been the most attracted to, probably since he was so cool, but kind of obvious the way he went about romancing her, if that was how she would put it. Zayn had seemed to back off lately, if he knew about her kissing Niall, but she couldn’t tell.

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