Chapter 10

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*slightly steamy in parts, but only for a paragraph or so. It's a short chapter, so I might end up tossing another up soon.


My mate had shared with me the stories of Sleeping Beauty, especially the Disney version. I grimaced, thinking of Maleficent's chosen form towards the end. Bad enough that the original prophecy had been twisted, but did the villain have to be a dragon of all things?

Then again, so many in Europe had always liked to see us as avaricious beasts, man-eating menaces that lived to blindly hoard without rhyme or reason. The closest a dragon came to benevolence was in a Western re-telling of a story of a dragon who took a man across troubled waters in exchange for the man asking why he had not yet gained enlightenment. Of course, the answer was because the dragon had been holding onto a giant pearl and the moment he forsook his treasure, he achieved what he desired most.


It was with those thoughts that I set my trap.

But first, I had to convince my bait that it was in her best interests to be exactly that.

I rolled Adora onto her back. I'd taken off her clothing as soon as her parents left, leaving only the jewelry. The gold silk summer blanket would suffice and it wouldn't interfere with what I needed to do.

I nudged her legs apart, settled in between her thighs, and stroked my tongue through her sweet little pussy. Her scent filled my head and made me dizzy with lust. A bearing dragon female had needs and her body obligingly changed to lure her mate to fulfill those needs. Cream slicked the delicate folds of her pussy and she wasn't even aroused yet, the fragrance irresistible and the richness making it easy for a male to simply slide his cock in and pump his mate full of his essence without hurting her.

I toyed with her clit, lapping at her softly, easily, as if I had all the time in the world. I slid my tongue inside her tight little slit and licked around the opening of her quim, knowing how a fluttering touch would drive her wild.

Adora shifted uneasily, a small whimper escaping her throat, starting to surface from her Sleep.

"Beloved," I murmured against her. "Wet. So hot and wet, just from my tongue. How much more will you love it when I slide my cock in you?"

Another whimper, and I smiled. My mate loved it when I talked dirty to her, the filthier the better, and I loved to give it to her.

I continued to lick at her, stroking my tongue through her folds, reveling in her scent, how delicate the skin there was, and the musky sweet-salt of her taste.

Slender fingers wove through my hair and tugged. I smiled against her and kissed her plump little clit. She was awake.

"Fenrir." Her groggy voice was cranky. "I thought you said you would at least try not to wake me up too frequently." She twisted in my hold and I knew she was checking the time. "Sweet Fates above, it's only been a day."

I lapped at her again, allowing myself a smirk at her breathy gasp.


I slid a finger into her tight wetness, my cock twitching at the involuntary clasp of her muscles as I stroked her.

"The Wanderers are in town."


"Will you consent to another mate?"

She froze. "What?"

I stared into those amber-bright eyes, my movements never faltering. I had to keep her on the edge and distracted, otherwise it was likely she would never agree. Bad enough that I was bound to her and her fate, but to bring in another?

"There may be another mate for you amidst the Wanderers. I want your permission to allow them to test."

Her mouth dropped open even as her eyes glazed. "No—oo. Fenrir. That's insane."

I pinched one of her pouty nipples and nipped the other.

Her eyelids fluttered half-shut, a low purring whine starting low in her throat.

"Just to test. You don't have to mate them if you don't want to."

"The old way?" Her words ended in a squeak, but she grew wetter in my hand. I arched a brow, intrigue flitting past before I shook the thought away.

Much as I wanted to say yes, Adora was a princess in her own right and a royal duchess by virtue of our mating. It wouldn't do to have her test the males in the old way, where anyone who cared to attempt her favor could try to make her orgasm and see if she welcomed their seed. I dispelled the hope with a twinge. Even if she didn't gain another mate, the amount of magic she could gain from allowing them to test would be considerable. But no. It wouldn't do. Our kind had picked up too many of the humans' prudish ways.

"No. Just a kiss. Say yes, Adora."

Her muscles tightened around my fingers, her thighs beginning to tremble. A gorgeous pink spread across her tits, her eyes falling half-closed.

"A kiss? Where?"

Clever mate.

I quickened my motions, pushing her ever higher. "Where do you want to be kissed, Adora?"

Her lashes fluttered up for a moment, her eyes glazed and almost feral.

"On this lovely mouth of yours. Or lower?" I tempted.

"Mouth," she gasped.

Disappointment rolled over me. I shoved the unworthy emotion away. It was enough that she'd said yes. I would find her other mate and we would keep her tethered safely to us.


"I'm uncertain about this idea of yours, Fenrir," my father in law muttered softly, setting his back to his daughter very deliberately.

I didn't bother to look at Yelan. The bare glimpse I'd had of her horrified face was quite enough. Any more and I'd be reconsidering my actions and I couldn't allow myself to falter.

"Adora said yes," I reminded him.

Xiuyi's lips twisted. "That may be so, but I find it hard to believe that my daughter would have agreed to being placed on show like this."

I couldn't help an answering grimace. "I thought it rather appropriate myself, considering the stories."

I'd moved Adora's nest to a corner of the great room of the castle. I'd carefully woven a circlet of rosebuds and babies' breath and placed it on her head. All in blush touched white, the floral crown let everyone know that she had given permission to be courted. My mate was curled up in the cushions, cheek pillowed in one hand. The urge to scoop her up and bring her back to our room so I could love her thoroughly flared and I shoved it down. Now was not the time.

More of the Wanderers had shown up than I'd expected, even though I'd requested that Xiuyi hint in his invitation that he had a daughter in search of a mate. The wayfarers must have done well for themselves as there were more young male dragons milling around the room than I'd seen in centuries. 

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