sorry guys this one is a bit of a filler, but you wanted to know what a steeler and socci here it is

I woke up next to Pete, his dark, red tinted hair sticking up in his usual style, in all directions. I look up at my surroundings and see the familiar old uneven wooden planks that make up the cubbyhouse that’s on top of one of the big oak trees. It’s invisible to anyone who walks past as the canopies from the other trees work as a barrier between the top of our tree to the ground. The only way you can see it is if you look straight up. I love this place, not only is it secluded and that Pete and I are the only ones that know about it but its right on the boarder of Pete’s property, which meets with the start of the Steeler territory. We always used to come here after training, watching the Steelers walk into the old, dark decayed pathway in there all black gear. Sometimes we would hear screams echoing though the deserted forest that was cut off from the rest of our town. If any creatura from outside crept into our village Pete’s place would be the first one to get ambushed, which won’t happen anyway.

All of us are asked a question when we are thirteen, young age but you just have to grow up fast in this town.  We’re asked if we would like to become a Steeler.

 If the answer is no then you go to one class and there you will go through your normal schooling. If you answered yes then you train, everyday till you’re eighteen. You go through intense training that will leave you bruised and bloodied, but you don’t complain because it teaches you how to defend yourself or attack any creatura’s when you’re out there in the ‘Steeler territory’. People call it that because no one else is game enough to go in. You go through hours of survival skill theory, where you learn what plants attack and what ones are harmless, where you learn how to scavenge for food and water, where you learn how to survive.

When I got asked this question I didn’t hesitate, I always knew I wanted to be a Steeler. My dad was but he quit when he found out he was having me. Mum never wanted to be a Steeler and she didn’t want me to be one either.

When we took Dane in, after both his parents never came back from Steeler territory he was at the age where he could decide. When he told them he was going to train to become a Steeler they didn’t hesitate with agreeing. When I told them I already accepted on being a Steeler they weren’t happy it wasn’t the fact that I was a girl or that I’m their actual child because my parents love Dane like his their own son. But it did have something to do with Dane that influenced their choice on my decision. I wanted to know so badly why they were angry with my choice and not the same with Dane but no matter how many times I pestered them they never told me, but I never forgot.  Dane was happy with my choice and we made our pack that Dane would do extensive training and wait for me so we could be each other’s socci. Which is a big deal being ones socci, you only have one socci.


A loud noise erupted through the air causing Pete to stir. He turned onto his side and smiled at me. I laughed this is not the first time we have been in this situation. 

“We should probably go” he said rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.  My stomach dropped, I’ve been avoiding thinking about this all day. I gripped my stomach trying to physically stop it from churning. Pete looked over and shot me a supporting smile as he stood up.

“I know he lied and hurt you but you have to be there anyway seeing as its going to be you up there next week.” Without waiting for a response he crawled out the door and started descending down the tree.


I met up with Pete again, this time we were both changed into our full black Steelers outfit. Exactly like the ones up on the stage, the only difference is that their brown leather band has swirls of viridi melded through it. Having Viridi through your band means you have a connection, with you Socci and the town. Viridi is our source of power and the only way we can reach our power source is by going deep into the Steelers Territory. I look up at the stage and my eyes instantly meet Dane’s bold brown eyes, I smile at him but then she reaches out and grabs his hand and I’m forced to look away when they stare into each other’s eyes.  Pete grabs my hand and squeezes, I look up at him and see his oceanic blue eyes motion towards the stage.

“Is Scarlet his Socci?” he asks. Oh so that’s her name…I shrug

“How do you know her?” I ask watching him stare at them

“She was our groups’ vice-captain” I nod, that’s probably how they met seeing as Dane was our groups.

They start to go through the ceremony recognising each of them as proper Steelers and as they reach Dane and Scarlet, he looks down into my eyes and shoots me a look that I can’t comprehend, but it wasn’t the emotion that he should be feeling right now. I look away first and lean into Pete as we get pushed by a mob of parents taking photos of their children. 

I swear Dane can feel the heat of my glare as they all walk off the stage and grab their packs to head down the abandoned pathway that leads to the Steeler territory because he offers me one last glance before joining Scarlet. Pete stands there with me, staring at the start of the path until I turn into his shoulder and cry. He wraps his arms around me barricading me from anyone but him. I hate Dane, I thought. He has done this to me, why did he have to lie and give up on everything we had? Soon my tears of sadness turned into tears of anger.

“He was supposed to take me!” I yelled at Pete. “We were meant to be each other’s socci then he goes off with her! What if something happens to him because I don’t have his back like we used to?” I ask Pete rhetorically

“He will be fine” Pete says soothingly, rubbing my arm. “I bet Dane has a reason for ditching you, he always has a reason.” Pete grabs my shoulders and turns me around towards my house. Yeah that’s what I’m worried about I thought. Dane always plans things out so he must have chosen to be Scarlets socci and not mine for a reason…

 Being a Steeler is simple the two things that a Steelers job is to

 One: Find Viridi which is engraved into rocks and caves only found in the Steeler territory.

Two: Stop any creatura’s from escaping the boundaries of Steeler territory.

So I wonder why Dane thought Scarlet would be a better Socci than me. I wonder how it connects to being a Steeler?

picture to the side is of Scarlet

 OH AND creatura is not a typo by the way! haha its how i wanted it to be called..creature was to..boring! :P xx hope you liked it even though not much happened!

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