chapter twenty-eight

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I lay on my bed. Hazel and Frank were asleep and my pounding headache had not subsided. 

Well hello.

Get out of my head!

They just laughed, the noise flooded my senses leaving my breath frozen.

what have you done to me?

Just let go, I'll tell you everything when you wake up.

No. Get away from me!

More pain flooded my mind as tears filled my eyes, Frank, Hazel now would be a good time to wake up! The room was silent for a minute. Is he gone?

No. I'm not, I'm just thinking about a way that I could get into Nico's head.


Then let go, I'm going to hurt you.

It's not me that I'm worried about!

I won't hurt Hogwarts while I'm in your body. 

How can I trust you!?

Because I want to destroy it myself. I don't want you to take the blame.

I felt my stomach drop. There was nothing that I could do, I was trapped. I held my sheets in shaking hands at the idea. I didn't want to admit it but I was scared. I just wanted to protect my new friends and now here I am. 

Maybe I should get Nico...

DON'T! I'll do it but you need to tell me what I did and why.

Alright but if you even think about telling anyone...

I knew what he meant. My eyes rolled back and darkness fogged my vision. I feel myself moving but I didn't have control. I had no understanding of what I was doing or where I was. I was just doing it. Every once and a while a flash of an image would appear through the darkness.

The first image was hazy but I could tell that I was out of the dorms. Trees stood along with me as I ran. Then there was nothing again.

The second was less blurry. We were in a room a ghost was talking to me. He looked like George.

"They stop it! You shouldn't be doing this!" I wanted to push past Theys control, listen to him but the third mention of Nico froze me. I grabbed a yellow note book and fell back into darkness.

The last image was the most confusing. It showed Nico laughing at something I said and giving Reyna the strange purple box as she ran away from me, he followed holding the book that Annabeth found. I tried to chase them but something held me back, Darkness filled my head once more.

I woke up dazed and strangely tired. My feet were bloody as if I had run through a rose bush in bare feet. I looked around me and found myself back in the dorm, It was dinner time. Not that I wanted to eat. I sat on my bed with my head in my hands.

"He got you too huh?" I looked up, Ghost George floated in front of me with a sad look. I felt an odd sense of failure flood me as I nodded.

"Don't be too upset by it. Luna didn't even fight and Hermione hasn't noticed him in her head yet. You tried, that's better than the both of them and anyways, who said that I couldn't tell them the things he did?" I smiled softly but it quickly turned into a grimace. 

"I don't really want to annoy someone who can take control of my body," He sighed and nodded. 

"Neither, How about I enter your mind as well, to help. I did it for Luna." I felt comfort flood me if he was in my head to then maybe he could help me to understand everything.

"Yeah, Thanks..." I felt the rest of my sentence tumble away and he smirked.

"Fred, Fred Weasley." So he is related to George!

"Alright, now this might hurt." He spoke slowly like I would lash out. I nodded again and he touched my forehead. A headache flooded my mind but I wasn't nearly as bad as They.

 Can you hear me?


"Yes, it worked!" I opened my eyes to see Fred still there, unlike They, he didn't disappear.

"I'm not controlling you I'm just talking to you," He explained noticing my confusion. 

"Okay." He laughed and I couldn't help but relax my tense shoulders.

"Let's read the note he left for you." I stiffly stood again and turned towards my desk and reading the open book. It was the same note book as the one that showed up in that image.

Dear Will,

Hello, William, I hope you know that I had quite a hard time with you. First off we went to the forbidden forest to talk to another ghost called Dolores Umbridge, she told me another part of her plan. Which was to get that box from your friends. I went off to do so only stopping at my hut in the woods to get this note book for you. I also met up with Fred Weasley. He's none of your concern. I then went to Nico knowing that he had the box but I was asked a question after being caught with the box. I didn't answer right and the box was taken from me. Reyna and Nico then left while I was held back by one of Draco's spells. I returned you to your dorm and here we are.  Goodluck 'Prince' William. You'll need it.

I felt my skin crawl at the threat but I guess that the only way you can help someone when you're a demigod is by saving them.

Hey, Guys sorry for the long update you may want to reread Chapter seven and eight as it now shows some of Luna behavior when she is They but anyways thanks to you all for reading!