The butterfly without wings

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All she sees in the mirror is thorns.
When she thinks of herself she's torn.
Because no matter what others say she feels as though she can not fly.
As if everything about her holds her back,
her flaws keep her tied.
And because the mirror can only see what she sees inside,
the caterpillar can't seem to see that everyone thinks she's a butterfly.

But just because her wings aren't seen
and just because she hides
she watches everyone else in envy
She watches as time flies.
Even when her wings are old and fight to keep her afloat
they still shine with beauty, make her strong and keep her warm like a coat.

And still she'll never understand why others look at her in awe
because all she sees is her flaws.
And she'll never understand why they think she's so strong.
To her
her life
is just a long never ending song.

So she sits and waits for that song to end
she waits for her wings to grow
But since she can't seem to see her wings
she might as well be the caterpillar
the world will never know.

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