Happily Sentenced

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There is no such thing as love

Or a broken heart

It’s plastic tears you see

Rolling down her cheeks.

Her shoelaces are soaked

With guilt and despair

The wind tangles leaves,

Whispers secrets to her hair.

The clock strikes twelve

Nowhere to go

Waiting for a place

Wanting to escape.

Nowhere to run

The dark night is no longer

A blanket of serenity,

Lights flash.

No one to lean on

She rests her head on crossed arms;

Glances at the clock’s hands,

It’s a turmoil she cannot suppress.

They were not meant to be together

Fate forced them apart

Her soul is halved and now,

So is her heart.

It’s plastic tears you see,

Rolling down her icy cheeks,

Life moves on in the street,

And it’s all been a play.

She will be killed tomorrow

For a crime she did not commit

And she’ll take that gladly,

Over this shattering pain.

He loves her,

She loves him

But they’re meant to be apart.

Who cares?

Life moves on like in the street

The plastic tears won’t stain her cheeks for long

Death is here, and I will go,

She smiles…she’s got good luck.  

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