Double Trouble

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We were at the dojo. I and Lloyd was trying to learn how to make a bulb shine. Lloyd was more glaring at the lamp than making it shine. But I who had actually gone to school knew how it work. The small metal thread in the lamp that there goes electrons through. It gets so tight that it glows. Let's just say, I was making better then Lloyd.

"Focus Lloyd. Control the power inside you. When you feel a power welling up, harness it." Jay say trying to help him.

"I understand. I am in control." Lloyd say and focused so he began to shake.

"Come on Lloyd! You can do it!" Jay say.

Lloyd focused till the thing broke.

"Argh! Stupid light-ball! You're putting too much pressure on me! Let me have one more try!" Lloyd say to the ninjas.

"Sorry Lloyd. That was the last light-ball." Kai say an there mine broke as well.

"Clean up you two. We will continue training tomorrow." Cole say and hand Lloyd a besom. Lloyd takes it and began to hit the boxing bag that hanged from the ceiling.

"What are I'm doing wrong, sensei Wu?! I can't seem to teach him to control his power." Jay ask Wu. Same time, Lloyd hit with the besom on the boxing bag so that it comes back and hit him in the face.

I let out a laugh, then began to clean up the glass on the floor, totally ignoring the conversation because I was humming on a song.

But now Nya came in through the door.

"Hey guys!" She greet.

"Hey Nya!" They all answer.

"Hey Jay, uh... wanna come by the autobody shop later?" Nya ask Lloyd.

"Ah... the autobody shop?"

"Yeah... I got a part time job. Thought I could fix the ultrasonic radar in my off time. Maybe if you come over, I can show you what I've been working on." Nya say and held a paper in her hand.

"Er... Sure! What do you got there?" He asked about the paper.

" this letter came for Lloyd." Nya say and hand the letter to Wu.

"Hmm... It's from Lloyd's old school." He say.

"The Darkley school for bad boys?" Cole ask as he and the others walked over to the others.

"Formally bad boys. Since the last time we were there, they've changed for the Darkley school for great children." Sensei say and I walk over to them as well.

"Wait! They've turned good?" Kai ask like he didn't believe it.

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