Babysitters (part 1)

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It was a Saturday morning. Adrien flips the pages on his Geography book as he scans the words. He hears a groan coming from you, pushing your head into your hands. Adrien smirks at you, putting his book down. "You're never gonna learn anything if you keep doing that, (nickname)," he reminds you.

Another groan escapes your lips. "But it's so hard!" You complain. "I can't remember anything!"

Your best friend shakes his head, averting his eyes from you. "Why did I come here anyway?"

"Adrien..." you glare at him. "I thought you agreed on tutoring me, yet you didn't do anything except for reading the book instead of teaching me!" You pout.

Adrien pushes your cheeks together, chuckling as he did. "Didn't I tell you to read the chapters first? We're going to tackle it together after we scan the pages."

You narrow your eyes. Before you open your mouth to sass him back, your ringtone cuts you off.

You quickly reach for yor phone, Adrien watching you. "Huh? It's Alya." You look at Adrien before answering the call. "Hello?"

"Girl! I need your help this morning!"

"Sure, Alya, what is it?" You ask with a smile.

You hear her sigh. "I'm so sorry, but if you're free, could you please, please, please, please! ... babysit my sisters for me again? I have to go to school for my weekly blog and it's super urgent, but I was in-charge of my sisters and I'm super busy! So it would be a great help if you come here. Pleeeeease? You could even include Adrien with you---!"

"Ok! Alya," you cut her off. "It's fine. I'll go there in about 15."

"Thanks, Y/N! I knew I could count on you!"

You laugh. "Yeah, yeah."

"See you soon!" Then Alya was disconnected.

You turn to Adrien and see him reading again. You were hesitating if you're going to have him come with you... but, is it really necessary? I mean, you're just going to babysit Alya's sisters. It's not a big deal. You sigh in defeat. "Hey, Adrien..."


You begin to pack your things. "I'm about to go to Alya's. Wanna come with?"

"Alright!" He replies, packing his things as well. "What are we gonna do there, anyway?"

Wearing the bag straps, you adjust your hair. "Oh, um, she wants me to do a favor for her, but if you want to go, you could... but I'm not like--- forcing you or anything! I'm jus--"

"I'll go." Adrien shows a geniune and reassuring smile at you.

You smile back. "Okay."

You finally arrive at the Cèsaire household. You knock the door before it was answered by none other than Alya. "Hey, girl!" She shouted. "Im so, so, so, happy seeing you here!" Alya notices Adrien, standing beside you. She smirks at your direction, making you sweat in discomfort. The smirk was then replaced with an innocent smile. "Oh, do come in!"

"Where are your sisters?" Adrien asks. As if on cue, two of her siblings come out, running just as they were playing tag. The two of them were laughing with masks covering their upper faces.

While the two were playing, Alya was already fetching her bag and phone. On the way to the door, she stop for a tight hug for you. "Thanks for babysitting my sisters, again."

You chuckle. "No problem, Alya. Don't worry, they're safe with me like always."

Alya closes the door, with a farewell smile on her lips. "Bye, lovebirds!"
You widen your eyes and face palm, in hopes of covering your blush in front of him. You turn around. "I-I'm sorry, Alya's a l-little weird sometimes."

Adrien shrugs. "It's okay."

Meanwhile, the two finally stop. Guess they were tired. When they sit down the couch and look at you, realization hit their faces. They allowed gasps to escape through their lips. "Y/N!!!!!" They exclaim in chorus, running towards you hoping for an embrace. You gladly wrapped them around in a tight hug. "We missed you so much!!"

"Ella! Etta!" You laugh. "How's my two little superheroes doing?" You bopp their noses.

"We've been defeating bad guys just like Ladybug, and Chat Noir and-and (miraculous name)!!"

"That's great!" You grin at them, really proud that Ella and Etta were looking up at you.

Ella giggles. "Yeah! Hopefully one day, we'll be superheroes too!"

"Just like what Alya says!" Etta chimes in. "And we'll fight alongside Ladybug, Chat Noir and (miraculous name)!"

You slightly chuckle at theur imagination. "That's amazing, girls! But don't let HawkMoth capture you! Alright?!'

"Yes, ma'am!" They say in unison. Ella then touches Etta's shoulder. "Tag! You're it!" She dissappears into the other room.

"Hey!" Etta exclaims. "That's not fair!"

As their voices dissapear in the hallway, you carefully stand up. "So," Adrien speaks. "Babysitters, huh?" He crosses his arms.

"Yeah..." you rub the nape of your neck. "I really don't want for you to come, I just thought it would be too much of a bother to you..."

"You kidding, Y/N?" He presents a side-smile. "I'm more than willing to help you, okay? So don't worry."

"Okay..." after a moment of silence, you decide to speak again. "Thanks for agreeing on taking care of Alya's sisters for me."

"No problem, Y/N." He flashes you yet another smile which cause your heart to beat more faster. You get lost in each other's eyes... until....

"Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!!!!"

You shake your head, turning your head around frantically. "Where, where?!" They soon appear im the living room, breathing heavily.

"Y/N, we're hungry."

"Oh! Uh... what do you two want to eat?" You smile sheepily.


You nod in reply. "Sure, just go play with... Adrien--- while I prepare the food."

The twins nod back in approval, and pull Adrien's wrist with them. Before you completely go to the kitchen, he looks at you in panic, pulling his own arms while you look at him, amused.

"I-I'm not very good w-with kids!" He mouths to you.

You smile reassuringly. "It's okay. Just talk to them or something."

"Come on, Mister Adrien!" Ella invites.

Etta pulls as hard as she can. "Yeah! Let's roleplay as Ladybug, Chat Noir and (miraculous name)! You'll be Chat Noir."

Adrien chuckles. "Okay, okay."

You smile at them and start searching for the ingredients to make the pancakes. Luckily, Alya's kitchen was full and it was enough to make five.

Before getting ahold of the pan, you hear a crash coming from the hallway.


To be continued, sorry!

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