Guests and coming out

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By the time Dan and Phil had gotten of his his new roommate stuff in packed it was late in the evening. A cool breeze ran through the house carrying the smell of fresher baked cookie.Phil had insisted one opening the windows though Dan didn't agree. "If any bugs get in the house you have to kill them." He announced smirking at the older bumping into his shoulder slightly.

"Aw little Danny is scared of bugs." Phil teased him slightly plopping down on the couch.

"Don't be so rude."

The little plopped down sitting half way on top of Phil. Claiming him spot on his lap. Humming in
response Phil pulled his boy friend back so he was leaning in to him and kissed his cheek.

"Why don't we order Chinese food?" Dan asked, his parents would be arriving soon and neither of them felt like cooking. Dan of corse was OK with ordering out,especially it was Chinese food.

Phil nodded in agreement and went to the menus. Leaving a Grumpy Dan doing grabby hands. "Kitten I'm getting menus." Dan still huffed and got up front the couch,going to get a blanket. The one he pick out was pastel pink and soft.

The little knew it was a risk to go in to little space with his family coming over soon but he still wanted to do it.  Dan grabbed a matching pink pacific and stuck it in his mouth before retreating back to his daddy.
Phil was back to the couch by the time Dan arrived. He climbed on to the couch and back to Phil's lap curling in to his lap.
"Danny,is it a good idea to be little right now?"

The little shook his head slightly but continue to cuddle in to Phil,who wrapped his arms around the boy pulling him closer. Phil did feel bad but he didn't want the boy too far in to his head space because it would be hard for him to get out of it. Pulling the boy out of his chest,of corse earning a whine, Phil gently pulled the pacifier out of Dans mouth. The boy immediately went back in to Phil's chest. It pained him to see the boys so upset so hug gave Dan a tight hug while he rubbed his back and told him kind soft words.

"I'm really sorry kitten." Phil started,he knew Dan well enough to realize being little was sort of a coaling mechanism so he it almost safe to assume his parents up set him in a way. Though Phil wasn't sure what was wrong with his partner but he was going to find out. "How about the next time I go to the store,daddy will you a new stuffie?" This seemed to excited Dan because he was soon giggling and being happy.

A knock at the door brought dan and Phil out of their conversation about in aliens were real or not. Dan crawled out of Phil's lap and stood shakily. He went to the door and looked out of the peep hole. It was his parents. Taking a deep breath Dan pulled the door open to reveal his mother and step father smiling at him. Smiling him self Dan stepped aside inviting the couple in to his new home.

"Hey mom," Dan said giving her a hug that lasted a bit. "Garry." He said paying little mind to the other man.

"It's been so long!" Dans mother said making ever one laugh a bit. She pulled the boy in to another hug and kissed his cheek. " you need to call me more often young man!" You could tell she wasn't too serious because of her infectious laugh that seemed to fill the room.

"Hi Dans mom,I'm Phil." Dan mother mentioned something about she know who he was because of how often Dan spoke him.

That of corse made him blush a bright red. "Good things only I hope."

"All good things." Next a very surprised Phil was pulled in to a hug by his partners mother.
Next Phil went to Gavin,Dans step father. "Hi Phil." The strange man boomed with a loud voice. Gavin took the younger mans hand with a death grip and hard clap on the shoulders. Maybe that's why Dan barely greeted him.

To Phil he seemed like kind of fancied show his own strength. He mumbled a hello ignore the siege of pain that ran through his arm.
When the introductions were all over they sat around the living room talking about random things. Like the weather current events,how they liked living together. And partners, "So Phil do you have a girlfriend?"
Phil was rather confused,had Dan not told his parents they were together? Or was he too scared to come out to them?
"Actually I'm g-" before he could finish the sentence there was a know on the door.
Dan rushed up to get it,wanting to leave the awkward situation. He held a small conversation with the delivery girl before returning to the couch with 2 bags of food. "Dinners here!" He said sending her hip a pleading,apologetic look.

"Why don't you help me get some plates Dan?" Phil rose from his chair and guide his partner to the kitchen.

Once they were alone Phil turned to the other boy telling him to talk. "Phil I'm sorry,I-I just can't them. Especially not Gavin they'll hate me." Dan rushed his plea of forgiveness out and hugged his partner.

After a moment Phil hugged his little back and kissed him in the cheek. "It ok sweetie,you don't have to come out if you don't want to." With the the reassurance Dan was finally able to calm down enough for them to gather play and silver wear and make their way back to the guest.


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