Part 1

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You had just gotten out of school and you got a notification that stated 'Logie 💀added you to a group chat'. So you decided to see who was in the chat.

Group Members


Unknown number

Unknown number

Unknown number

Unknown number

Unknown number

You were confused to why you were in a group chat with random people. Then you decided to text the chat.

Y/C: uhhh.... Hi?

Unknown number: hey!

Unknown number: Sup!! Ur Logan's little sister right?

Y/C: uhh yeah.

Unknown number: Awesome it's nice to finally talk to u!

Unknown number: yeah he talks about u a lot.

Y/C: He does!?

Unknown number: uhh yeah. He always says how nice, funny, cute, and talented u are.

Y/C: oh

Unknown number: yup


Y/C: Hey Logan

Y/C: btw who r these ppl??

Logie💀: ohh yeah I forgot about that!!! Boys introduce yourselves


Logie💀: uhh yeah

Unknown number: I'm Jack and I'm 19

Unknown number: I'm Corbyn and I'm 19

Unknown number: I'm Daniel I'm 19

Unknown number: hey I'm Zach and 17yrs old

Unknown number: Jonah I'm 20

Y/C: What do u all look like?

Dani boi💓:

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