Living in Contro City is a dream. Especially for a trust fund baby like Willis, residing in his upper class apartment with his two best friends Arthur and Lily. They spend their weeks partying, getting high, and refusing to grow up. During one of their drug induced escapades the trio manage to summon a genie, Smoke. 

The upside? He owes them each three wishes – a record for any genie in existence owing nine wishes at one time. The downside? He has forgotten the use of his powers after fleeing into exile.  

The not so noble comrades form a friendship with Smoke, who adapts without need of coercing to their lifestyle. After being discovered on Earth by a ruthless Elite Genie Sentinel the clock begins ticking against the group. They must set off on an adventure to obtain Smoke’s powers and acquire their desires. 

Together they must survive former friends, space authorities, genie sentinels, and their obnoxious selves.