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This story was requested by ChristianRelic. Hope you enjoy. Also sorry that it took so long for me to update this. Just so you know (f/b) stands for favorite band.

*Your P.O.V.*

            I walked down the hall of Beacon, heading back to my dorm room while everyone else was still in class. I didn't have a last class so I got out at 1:45 p.m. I'm happy to be alone, also. It's not something I find bad. I'm a Faunus, so not many people like me. There is one person who is around me a lot, but I don't think she wants to be. Her name's Pyrrha Nikos. She probably only wants to make sure I stay out of trouble. She doesn't really care about me.

            As I walked further down the halls in silence, I began to hear loud footsteps and obnoxious laughing. I instantly knew it was Cardin and his 'minions'. They were always surrounding me, making fun of me for being a Faunus. I started to run, but it was too late. Cardin grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and threw me against a wall. I made hard contact with the wall, pain shooting up my back.

            Cardin snickered,"Where do you think you're going, freak?" I was too scared to answer, but sadly my stomach wasn't. A loud grumble came from my stomach and Cardin and his team burst out in laughter, which only made me even more scared. 

            One of Cardin's teammates spoke, "Why don't you come have lunch with us". It wasn't a question and they just pulled me along. First, we stopped at the cafeteria to get food, then, they led me to the back of the school. They forced food down my throat, then beat me until it ended coming back up.

            When they finally got bored, they left leaving me in pain. I lifted up my shirt and found that I had one gigantic, pitch black bruise on my stomach and a few small ones on my arms from when I was trying to cover my stomach. I barely got up off the ground because of how much pain I felt. I slowly walked to team JNPR's room. 

            I had to stay in the same dorm as them, since I don't have a team of my own. You see, when we were forming teams there was an odd number and I was the only one left who didn't have a team. Team JNPR offered to let me stay with them until next year when I can get a team of my own. 

            Thankfully, when I got to the dorm room no one was there, yet. I went to the draws that had my clothes in them and picked out a new shirt that was (f/c) and had the (f/b) logo on it and a new pair of jean. Then, I went under my bed and pulled out my secret stash of medical supplies and grabbed a bandage wrap. I kept the medical supplies secret because no one knew I was being bullied.

            I went into the bathroom and into one of the stalls and began taking off my old clothes. I slipped on my new jeans and carefully wrapped my stomach before sliding my shirt on. Then, I put on my favorite hoodie so no one could see the bruises on my arms.

*Pyrrha's P.O.V.* (This is while you are in the bathroom.)

            I opened the door to the dorm room excepting to find (Y/n) there, but I didn't see her. I found it strange, but let it slide thinking she went for a walk or something. Jaune, Nora, and Ren desided to go with Ruby and the others to a café, but I wanted to stay behind to make sure (Y/n) was ok. 

            I heard a knock on the door, but before I could open it a piece of paper slid in under the door. I pick up the piece of paper and opened the door, but no one was there. I walked out to see  if I could find anyone walking away, but once again, there was no one. So, I opened the piece of paper and it read,"You're having lunch with us, again. We had fun today and I'm sure you did to. See you tomorrow, freak" it was signed Cardin Winchester.

            Anger erupted inside of me as I read it. I knew Cardin wrote this and meant for it to go to (Y/n). How could she not tell me that Cardin's bullying her?! I sat on the bed and waited for her to return, which didn't take long. She opened the door just as I sat down. She seemed very confused that I was there and instead of acknowledging me she walked past me and went to her bed. So, I got up and followed her and, without thinking, I hugged her from behind.

            I heard her yelp, but I thought it was just out of surprise, until I felt tears start to hit my arms. I let her go and turned her around and her face showed nothing, but pain. 

            I made her look at me so she could see how concerned I was,"(Y/n) what happened? Why are you crying? And why did Cardin leave you a note that said' 'You're having lunch with us, again. We had fun today and I'm sure you did too. See you tomorrow, freak"? Why didn't you tell me he was bullying you?!" She didn't answer right away, clearly still scared and hurting.

            So, I grabbed ahold of the hem of her shirt, planning to look at her stomach, but she began to talk quietly,"Don't...," her voice got a little higher the more she talked,"You don't care about me, you just feel sorry for me. Why would I need your help?" Her last sentence sounded like she was a snake. Her bobcat ears were pinned to her head, so I scratched them.

            By scratching her ear I got a soft purr out of her. It would have been slightly strange to hear a person purr, but she's just so cute I can't even think that it's weird. I stoped scratching her ear, earning a slight growl, and began talking,"Of course I care about you. I don't feel sorry for you. (Y/n) I love you".

            My words clearly took her by surprise and I know she was about to protest, but I lean down to her height, locking my lips with hers, stopping her. I finally pulled away as I began to loose my breath. She was blushing and I couldn't  help but think of how cute she is. I take this as my chance to look at her stomach and take off her shirt completely so she is only in her bra. 

            I see the bandage wrapped around her stomach, then I kiss her stomach and look back up at her,"I'll never let Cardin touch you again". I took her to my bed and we laid there for the rest of the night eventually falling asleep in each other's arms.

If you want a part 2 leave a comment. It ended fast. Sorry.

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