The Curse

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Whiparella and Lavaria were rudely awoken by a loud continuous knock on their door. They looked out the window to see what time of day it was. It was still dark out. Lavaria groaned as she stumbled out of bed while Jestro sat up with a tired yawn. Whiparella watched as Lavaria opened the door.

"What?" The sneaky woman growled in a grouchy tone.

Lavaria fell silent when she saw Beast master standing there. He had a worried and scared look on his face; fidgeting with the straps on his chest.

"Beasty? What's wrong?" Lavaria asked as she rubbed her eye.

"The boss wants everyone up and dressed. He wants everyone downstairs ASAP."

Whiparella turned around as she heard Beast master speak. Lavaria blinked in confusion.

"Why?" She asked.

"I don't know. But he looked mad. And he said bring Jestro." Beast Master answered before running off.

Lavaria went wide eyed when she heard him say bring Jestro. She looked back as Whiparella got their boy out of bed. What was Monstrox mad about, and what did Jestro have to do with it? She nervously swallowed a mouthful of her saliva as she turned to the pair.

"Beast Master says we're having a meeting." Lavaria said before telling them to get dressed.


Jestro blinked in confusion as Lavaria and Whiparella held his hands and led him downstairs. He was still a bit tired from waking up so early, but he knew what was happening around him. Everyone was downstairs; talking amongst themselves and having no idea why Monstrox wanted them up so early. Whiparella walked up to the twins.

"What's going on?" She questioned, getting their attention.

"Heck if I know." Moltor answered with a shrug.

"I didn't even have time to brush my hair." Flama added with an irritated growl.

Book keeper laughed when he noticed that Flamas' hair was more wild than usual. But that laughter quickly disappeared when they heard the sound of a door slamming open. Everyone looked to the top of the staircase to see Monstrox coming out of the giant doorway; the one no one ever used or opened. Jestro hid behind Lavaria when he thought the necromancer was looking at him. Roberto felt a drop of sweat go down his forehead when Monstrox gave the group a malicious grin and held up his staff.

"Good morning to all of you, my loyal disciples." He greeted in a rather cheery tone despite everyone else being tired and grouchy. "I know it's a bit early for most of you. But do any of you know why you are here?"

Everyone stayed silent as they knew Monstrox was still going to talk.

"Quite a few reasons. Some of you were just teenagers when you joined the cause. Some of you, I found you homeless and took you in out of sympathy. Or I just came up to you and said, hey wanna help me overthrow the government."

The necromancer laughed as he remembered. Everyone else just gave each other weird looks. Magmar stepped forward.

"Master? What exactly is this all about?" The general questioned.

Monstrox grinned before turning to the doorway.

"Come and I'll show you." He spoke with a snicker.

Jestro kept a tight grip on Lavaria as everyone hesitantly followed Monstrox into the large doorway. Whiparella held Lavarias' hand as she felt fear growing in her stomach. Monstrox lead the group into a giant dark room and told them to stop. The necromancer turned and held his staff high above his head.

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