Chapter 8 Andy

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I slumped down into literature, still holding a tissue to my blood nose.

"What happened Andy?" Miss June asked, approaching me.

"You should see the other guy," I smirked, knowing I had broken his cheekbone and most of his face.

"Did you finish the essay I asked for?" She asked, people started walking into the room.

"I was preoccupied," I smirked at her. She smirked back.

"Well let's hope this doesn't happen again," she replied, trying to act professional.

"Sorry Miss June," I smiled. She winked at me before turning around. She swayed her hips with every step. Fuck her ass was so good.

"Everyone please hand in your essays to me," she smiled. I looked up and saw Danni staring at me. She had a questioning look on her face. Did she really care if her asshole of a boyfriend got demoted to a reserve? I rolled my eyes at her and focused my eyes on Miss June. She had a white blouse on which showed her perfectly round breasts. I could see her lacy white bra. I could feel myself getting turned on looking at her. Her eyes caught mine. She smiled and talked to Danni. Sleeping with Miss June was the best decision of my life. She was defiantly the best sex partner I've had yet.

"Andrea Howard to the principals office please," everyone laughed. I sighed giving Miss June the look that I'd be around tonight. She smiled and nodded her head. I took one last glance at Danni who looked confused towards me. I took my time going to the office. I didn't really care if I got suspended or anything. I mean I was defending myself so I shouldn't get into trouble.

"Please take a seat," the principal sighed, rubbing his bold head. I took a seat next to Patricia.

"Mrs Howard, you're son and daughter got into a disagreement at football practice today,"

"Why was Andrea there?" Hearing her say my full name made me mad.

"She's the new quarterback," I felt her eyes burn into me.

"Is this true?" She asked, shock in her voice.

"She's taking everything from me mum!" Beatrice yelled.

"Because you took everything from me!" I yelled back, throwing the pen holder and his head.

"Enough!" The principal yelled.

"Seeing as Beatrice threw the first punch, he is suspended from school for three days,"

"What?!" Patricia and Beatrice yelled.

"Andrea was simply defending herself. You have a one day in school suspension Andrea," I rolled my eyes at the use of my full name.

"This can't be right, she took my sons football position-"

"Mrs Howard if a student throws a punch it's immediate suspension. Andrea had every right to defend herself. Now please take Beatrice home, I need to have a word with Andrea,"

"Thank you Mr. Harrison," Patricia sighed, holding Beatrice and guiding him out. I couldn't help but laugh a little. His face looked like a potato it was that swollen.

"Andrea, why did you come back here?"

"Because I need to graduate," I replied simply.

"And why did you take his quarterback position?"

"Because I can play football,"

"I get the sense that something happened between you two Andrea, so what was it?" I swallowed the lump in my throat.

"Nothing sir," I replied. He nodded his head.

"Take the day off and get some rest. You'll be in my office all day tomorrow," I nodded my head and walked out of his office.


I knocked on her door and waited for a reply.

"You're face," she breathed, her eyes filled with empathy.

"You should see Beatrice," I smirked, walking into her house.

"Why would he hurt you like that?" She asked, closing the door behind me.

"He's a strange one," I replied, wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Have you had it checked?" She brushed my hair out of my face.

"Yes, the nurse said it just bled from impact,"

"Is that all?" She asked, her eyes falling on my lips.

"Well there's one more thing,"

"What's that?" She asked. I moved my hands onto her ass.

"Well you see, today in class I couldn't help but notice the white lacy bra you were wearing,"

"Is that so?" She questioned, playing dumb.

"Yes, and from what I can tell," I started unbuttoning her shirt.

"You're still wearing it," I smirked, placing my lips on her neck.

"I thought you'd notice," she moaned.

"Well how about I show you how it made me feel Miss Jones?"

"I think that's a splendid idea," she smirked, pulling her lips to mine. I smiled into the kiss, gripping her ass. Our lips fought for dominance. It wasn't until she bit my bottom lip that she became dominant. I smiled into the kiss, her mouth sweet. I felt my back press up against the wall. She pushed her body into me, her hand gliding over my stomach and under my shirt.

"So sexy," she breathed, her fingers running up and down my stomach. I smirked and flipped us so she was against the wall. She moaned and brought our lips back together. I ran my hands under her sweats, feeling her lacy underwear.

"How'd you know I like lace?" I asked, my lips kissing down her neck.

"Guessed," she breathed, her head tilted back giving me more access. I began to bite on her neck, my fingers finding her clit.

"Ahh Andy," she sexily moaned, turning me on.

"The things you do to me Carla," I breathed, picking her up and carrying her into her room.

"What do I do to you Andy?" She breathed. I threw her onto the bed and slowly climbed on top of her.

"You make me feel so many things,"

"Tell me,"

"How about I show you?" I smirked. She smirked back and flipped us over.

"How about I show you what you do to me Miss Howard," she smirked, trailing her lips down my neck. She threw my shirt off and started kissing down my stomach. Fuck she was amazing.

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