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The night sky above me is clear and filled with small shiny stars. It seems like the whole universe is at peace, except me.

Do I go with him? Do I change my life again? Or do I stay? I have managed to survive without him, I could do it again probably even if I hated every second of my life.

I groan out loud and put my head in my hands. What do I do?!

"Don't sress yourself out so much, baby." Harry cooes and sits behind me on the balcony, each leg on my side, then he wraps his arms around me.

We sit there in silence for a few more moments, before I sigh. "I love you, you know that, right?" I ask him and feel his lips on my neck spread into a smile.

"I know. I love you, too." he replies and presses a soft kiss there.

"But I'm not sure if I could leave my life behind like I did back then, Harry. I mean, where would we even go? What would we do there? Would we have to run for the rest of our lives? If that would be the case, I would never even be able to finish high school." I turn around and take his head in my hands.

"You are my life, Harry Styles, but if that's what my life will look like, I'm not even sure if I want to live it." I say and his eyes fill with sadness as he leans his head on mine, foreheads touching.

"I'm sorry I'm such a fuck up. I really am." he says and I shake my head. "Don't be. It's what made me love you in the first place."

He looks into my eyes, the perfect green filling my vision, and then everything disappears when his lips connect to mine, everything but him.

Smut-> ( love you goodbye would fit the next scene perfectly )

I let him take control as he slips his tongue in my mouth and makes us connect. He grabs my head and spills every emotion into the kiss as I greedily take them all.

His hands travel down to my neck and his mouth leaves my lips, trailing down to nibble on my ear lobe and then suck on my sweet spot.

I feel him tug on the hem of my shirt as he lifts it off me and throws it somewhere in the room, then he lifts me up in his arms. Squealing, I wrap mine around his neck and hold on, watching him carry me to the bed.

Our lips join again when he lets me down and he captures my hands, holding them on each side of my head.

The room is completely dark and I can't see anything, but the fact that I'm the only one without a shirt annoys me, so I free my hands and tug on his shirt.

He takes it off for me, and lovers himself back down. I feel heated, even if the room isn't very hot, and his every touch sets me on fire even more.

I feel like I'm burning, burning with need and desire when he pulls my pants down, and doesn't come up again, instead he buries himself into me.

My eyes roll into the back of my head. Tonight, he's much better than he usually is; not that he ever wasn't, it just seems like he's putting so much more effort into it.

His fingers found my opening and he presses into me, pumping me for a bit and then circling with his fingers until he finds my spot inside of me. I gasp for air and pull on his hair, but he only groans. I'm close, about to come, when he removes his lips from me and climbs up, taking his pants of and positioning himself at my entrance, his member hot and ready.

"I love you." he says into my ear and pushes into me, slowly, as slowly as never before. "I want you to feel it."

"I love you, too, so much." I breathe out and pull his lips to mine by his curls.

He pushes in, as far as it goes, and then slowly out, then he repeats the motion, every thrust more intense.

"Faster." I beg him.

"No, not this time." he replies and continues with the torturing slow pace he's at.

His mouth latches to my neck and he kisses it, and then sucks on it, making sure to show a mark for the next few days.

"You're mine." he breathes out. "Only mine."

"Yours, Harry, yours." I pant and his hand lowers to my breast, massaging it.

"No one will make you feel this way, but me. Only me." he keeps on saying into my ear and he squeezes my nipple and tugs on it.

His movements become sloppier and he finally picks up the pace, but only slightly more.

"I love you." he says for the last time, before he orgasms at the same time as me, taking us both up, up to the stars.

When I come back, he's laying on top of me, and we're both struggling to catch our breath.

No one moves nor says a thing, we just hold to each other and fall asleep, wanting to stay in that moment forever, because even if we don't want tk admit it, when tomorrow comes, we'll both be on our own.



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