Chat Logged

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 Clicking, clicking, clicking, I refresh with fever,


No new posts appear,


I click again in utter desperation, the high gone,


The thrill of sending and reaching out ,…. gone,


I wait, will he answer me this time, do I matter,


Does he not know that my very sanity  hangs ,


 On this post.


See me, reach out I beg of you, listen to what I say,


I have laid myself bare to you, told you my secrets,


Opened up my walls of protection to let you in,


After you so loudly knocked shouting for me to do so,


Now I my only comfort is a blinking cursor, standing still,


Never moving cold and unfeeling, where are you?


Where did you go? Are you tired? Do you no longer care?


Did I say something wrong?  Feeling so low and unloved,


The cursor ever winking waiting to be moved.


It moves! He is back! Building excitement as I wait for him to finish,


typing , telling me sweet nothings  once more………


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