Chapter 29

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Your Pov

"So what did we have for homework again?"I twirled a pencil in between my fingers while laying down on my bed.Adrien turned around from my desk and looked at me.

Before he could answer an explosion echoed in our ears,making us stand up.Adrien looked at me,a bit worried."Are you sure you want to do this?"

I looked at him and nodded my head.He sighed and then nodded back,calling Plagg.I called out Ash and he smiled,pumping his tiny fist in the air.

"Finally some action!"I giggled and looked at Adrien which was now Chat Noir.He smirked and I transformed into my alter ego, Tigress.

We jumped out of the balcony,running on the rooftops,trying to find out where the fight was taking action.We stopped in front of a women,wearing a paper themed dress.

"Finally I have the power to shut up those mean little teenagers."

Guess she's a teacher."Not if we stop this."Chat shouted,gaining her attention."Ah Chat Noir...and who might that be next to you?"

She referred to me,looking me up and down."The name's Tigress, I'm here to help clean this mess up."I shouted,my confidence boosting a bit.

A purple butterfly outline showed up in front of her face and she stopped moving.It disappeared and then she smirked,looking at me.

"Hand me your miraculous Tigress and Chat Noir or every teenager will be stuck in a piece of paper for ever."I shook my head, glaring at her.

"We'll never give you our, miraculous."Chat shouted and then her expression changed into fury,as she came running to us with full speed.We both gasped and jumped out of the way.

"Sorry I'm late Chat I-whose she?"Ladybug furrowed her eye brows in confusion."Hello Ladybug!My name is Tigress,I'm also a miraculous holder!"Explained and she came close to me,holding her chin with a critical look,making me start feeling scared of her.

Chat saw my troubled look and quickly came to my rescue."It's true Lady!Her bracelet is her miraculous."Ladybug nodded slowly and then turned her head to the villain.

"Let's get this akuma over with and we'll discuss about this whole new superhero thing."Ladybug quickly spoke,launching herself on the akuma.

I looked at Chat and he shrugged,following behind her.I sighed and went ahead with them.

-Time Skip-

"Wow!I got to admit.You where good out there Tigress."Ladybug smiled at me and my eyes sparkled.She got warmed up to me!

Lady and Chat fist bumped but stayed at that position looking at me.I blinked and they smiled."What are you waiting for?Come on!"

My grin couldn't get wider.I happily obeyed and fist bumped,all of us shouting the famous words."POUND IT!".

Beeping was heard from Ladybug's earrings and she pulled away, excusing herself."Tigress we have patrol tonight!Mind joining us?"

I shook my head with a smile.She flashed me a wink and she was off.I sighed relieved and pressure from my shoulder was felt.I looked up to find Chat leaning on me,with one hand around my blades.

"You were amazing today Tigress " He pressed a kiss on my head and I giggled,turning around."Well I had the best tutor."

He smirked and I hugged him."I can't believe how far we have went.From the day we first met to now me ME being a superhero. Am I dreaming?"

My rambling was cut off by me screeching."Hey!What was that for?"I rubbed my arm at the spot where Chat's claws pinched me.

"Well you thought that you were dreaming so I showed you that you didn't."He stated sheepishly and I rolled my eyes,punching his side playfully.

"Yeah okay..."

"Shall we head back?"

I smirked and started jumping away,leaving Chat behind.

"RACE YOU THERE " I laughed and I could feel Chat gasping.He chuckled and followed behind."Oh you're on!"

Finally landing on my balcony,I fell flat on it,exhausted. Panting trying to catch my breath,I saw Chat land next to me, without a single bit of tiredness.

"How-how are you not-not tired?"I was able to say.He chuckled, helping me up."You do know that I have been doing this 'job' for several years right?"

I nodded and sighed,detransforming.I looked at Chat and smiled.

"It's been a long time since it was just me Y/N and Chat Noir huh?" I pointed out and he nodded,pulling me close."That is true! To be honest I kinda miss when I was only the superhero.So I could save my purrincess."

I giggled at his purring and kissed his cheek."I'm a big girl Chat. I can rescue myself every now and then even without the mask."

I spoke out and he nodded . His ring beeped and he detransformed.

"I think we should get some homework done for tomorrow.I don't want to get detention from miss Bustier."Adrien chuckled and I nodded,heading inside and feeding our kwamis.


Author Chan:Noooooooo...

Chat Noir:What's wrong sweetie?

Author Chan:My summer break is I have to go to a new school ; (

Chat Noir:You never know maybe we'll go to the same school~

Author Chan:I don't live in Paris dumb*ss

Ladybug:Don't worry Author.

Author Chan:Thanks Ladybug.I needed some support .

Chat Noir: *squints awkwardly*

Author Chan: I feel better now.

Chat Noir: Okay let's change the subject here.Did you dump your 'bae'.

Author Chan: *starts crying*

Ladybug: *angry*

Ladybug:Chat!We're supposed to save people,not make them cry.

Chat Noir:I'm sorry I-


Ladybug: Oh Author just tell him the tr-

Chat Noir: *pushes Ladybug out the way*

Chat Noir:The truth.

Ladybug: *gets annoyed*

Ladybug: *Throws Chat across Paris*

Ladybug: Now...Author Chan you need to be honest with him.If you are then nothing bad will happen.I promise.

Author Chan:R-really?

Ladybug: Of course.

Chat Noir: *far away but can still hear them*


Author Chan/Ladybug: SHUT UP.

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