Chapter 8️⃣

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Elijah's P.O.V

(A/N-This is After Jacob had dragged Elijah with him, out of school to the cafe.)  I was sitting at cafe bliss drinking my coffee while scrolling through Instagram, when I stumble across Liam's profile A.K.A Jacobs dad.

I looked through Liam post to stumble across a comment written in bold capital letters with an exclamation marks at the end.


JacobRules-Yea dad, you did not even tell me!

LiamTheAmazingHuman-Well, kids what can I say.

M1SS.SARCAST1C-You don't need to say anything, you can just type some letters form a word and write more words and then make a sentence, underscott!

JacobRules-Wow A, that's so amazing I never knew that!

M1SS.SARCAST1C- Aww, Jacky your finally growing up. I know it takes a long time for you to know stuff like when you were 14, this slut came and asked you if you were free later in the night. You had said. Yes and then you both went to her house, and then she takes you  to her room and she disappears , you assumed she wanted to make friends so you invited me and the others and we came over. After a while the slut comes back with a condum in hand and she was half naked. She asks us what we were doing here. I tell her Jacob told us to come. And then she turns red and hisses Jacob 'I only wanted to have sex with you not group sex!' You were like completely clueless and then you say 'what is sex isn't sex  gender? Why do you wanna have gender with me? That doesn't make sense?'I laughed so hard that day that I lost my voice.

JacobRules- SHUT UP!

This was an Year ago I wonder who the girl is.

Curiosity getting the best of me I click on the girls profile and go through her post.

It's the girl from last night.

Scrolling up to her 46th post someone comes and taps on my shoulder causing me to jump and almost drop my phone.

"Jac-!" I scream while Turning around expecting to see Jacob but instead see the girl that I met last night and the girl that was the owner of the account I was shamelessly stalking.


Her phone beeps showing she got an SMS.

She took out her phone and after a minute she looks back at me and says
"Um... stranger is not good to stalk people ya know." 

"What?" I question.

She turns her phone around and shows an Instagram notification that I have liked a pic of her that happens to be posted 2 years ago.

"Shit! Must of pressed it my mistake when she startled me"
I mumble to my self.

"Stalker much?" She questions before hitting me the side of the neck making small black circles invade my vision and become unconscious.

Alyssa's P.O.V

Elijah's eyes went to the back of his head, his eyelids closed shut as his head hit the table with a loud band.

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