The Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki- chapter four

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She saw...a wolf's corpse being pulled out into the truck. She dropped her umbrella and ran towards the truck, shouting at the man until she lost her voice. they drove away thinking she was crazy. after that day my mom went into depression. she did take care of us but when she wasn't , she was at my father's shrine crying.

one day she cried herself to sleep, she had a dream. She dreamt she was lying in a meadow. when she sat up she saw my father from a distance. He looked like he was fighting back tears to be strong for Hana. and my mom will never forget those words " Hana, i know i've left you with a difficult task...and i am truly sorry for that" my mom started to cry " please don't leave-" my mother got up and started to go towards my father , but it seemed as though he kept getting futher and further. She told me she didn't keep trying chase him, because she had realized that it was hopeless " I know what you mean...and I'm sorry for crying so much...." she saw he just smiled and the she awoke in front of his shrine. She sat up and said " I promise, I will raise them properly."

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