Chapter 13

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When I heard Finn screaming my name I wasn't at all prepared for what I found.  I was alarmed, because he never used my name, I think I have only heard it once from his mouth and that was the first time I made him cum.

I ran into the bathroom and found him puking and dry heaving into the toilet, tears were streaming down his face which was beet red.  Not embarrassed red, but burning red.  He was also breathing funny, as if it were a struggle and emitting a high pitched hiss with each breath.  When I touched his face it felt as hot as it looked.  I immediately pulled my cellphone out and called Dr. Cortez on my speed dial.  He answered only after two rings and I explained the situation, he could hear Finn's struggled breaths and instructed me to get him to the medical room immediately.  I scooped him up and ran out the door.

I was only a few steps out when he seemed to pass out.  The good doctor was running towards me and when we met he took one look at Finn and pulled a large syringe out of his bag.  He quickly pulled off the top and bottom and jammed it into Finn's thigh.

"It's an epi-pen," he explained.  I think Finn is having an allergic reaction.  Then he pulled out a stethoscope and listened to his chest.  "He's still breathing, barely, let's get him to my office!"

We ran down the corridors to his office and once inside I laid Finn down in the backroom which had a hospital bed and all sorts of equipment that Dr. Cortez recommended I install and now I was glad I did!

"What did he have for dinner?" he asked.

"We had scallops, rice, asparagus and chocolate cake for dessert," I reported.

"More than likely it was the scallops."

"But he had salmon the other day?"

"Shellfish is different than fish, it's a crustacean, totally different and much more common to cause an allergic reaction than the other foods he ate," he explained.

"Yeah, he's had asparagus and rice and I'm sure he's had chocolate before," I agreed.

"Once I get him stabilized I can run some tests," he said as he continued to run around grabbing things to help my boy.

He grabbed a tube and began sliding it down his throat and I started to panic.  "What are you doing?"

"I need to intubate, his throat is closing and he's not going to be able to get enough oxygen."

As soon as he had the tube down he attached it to an ambi-bag.  He squeezed gently and each time I saw Finn's chest rise up.  "I need you to hold this Nicolas, squeeze slowly to the count of four; one-one thousand two-one thousand, like that.  Then do the same to let it re-inflate and then do it again, don't rush it, slow and easy," he showed me and I quickly took over the task so he could attend to other things.

Dr. Cortez was setting up an IV and once that was set up he grabbed some syringes and bottles and injected Finn with one of them and then injected the IV bag with another.  He attached several monitors to Finn's chest and one to his finger.  My poor baby lay there almost lifeless if not for the air I was pushing into his lungs.

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