Chapter 30

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Angel's POV

We were now laying on our bed, me in the middle like always.

The twins were hugging me and were nuzzling my neck with their faces, leaving some licks and kisses here and there.

Their actions were making me hot and soon I was squirming with need as I felt my whole body begun to tingle.

"Guys..." I whined when they didn't stop it.

I felt them smirking against my neck and when they looked up to meet my eyes, I was breathless. Their eyes held lust, love, hunger and desire and it was all so intense and it was directed towards me.

My eyes went wide and my cheeks turned scarlet, my lips parting a little a soft sigh escaping from them.

Their eyes followed my little movements and were now trained on my parted lips.

They both leaned in and as Xavier's lips pressed to mine, Xander was leaving kisses all over my neck.

Suddenly they both pulled away and looked at each other. I stared up at them confused.

Aw, come on! They're using the mindlink again! I wish I could mindlink them too.


They were both looking at me with serious faces on.


Their Adam's apples bobbed up and down as they gulped nervously as they looked at each other and then back at me.

"We love you, Angel."

They said that in complete sync and in their eyes I could see that they were telling the truth as their love for me shone in those sky blue orbs I had grown to love.

I smiled at them happily, tears coming to my eyes. They loved me!

"I love you too, Xavier and Xander Slade."

It was like a click went off in their heads as they nearly pounced on me and at the same time kissed my marks.

It sent all of us over the edge, the need and want for each other was stronger than ever and we succumbed to it, the twins not stopping till the early hours of the morning when I passed out from exhaustion.


I was brought out of my deep sleep by someone kissing me all over my face and neck. It tickled.

I tried to move away from the presence that was disturbing my sleep but it was like I was surrounded by the presence - no matter what side I turned on, the person was still there, tickling me with it's feather like kisses.

"Nooo...go away..." I mumbled tiredly, pressing my face deep into the pillow.

Two husky chuckles that sounded awfully familiar. But where have I heard them before?

"Come on baby angel, let's get up."

Only two people call me that so...

I peeked one eye open to look at Xander whose head was hovering near my face.

I tried to move or just roll over but my body was sore all over. I winced from the slight pain and closed my eye turning my head to the other side.

"Are you sore, baby?"

This time popping my other eye open I saw Xavier's face very close to mine.

"Mhmm..." closing my eye again.

"Come on baby, let's take a shower. It'll help with the soreness and we'll let you sleep afterwards."

Mumbling a small 'okay' I made no move to get up.

One of the twins picked me up and pressed me to their naked chest. Now, come to think about it... I opened my eyes and looked at myself, screeching in terror when I noticed that I was completely naked. And judging by the feeling of something poking me in my lower back I came to realize that my mates were also naked. They were also wide awake - in every meaning.

In the bathroom, Xander was making sure the temperature of the water in the shower was right. After a minute he nodded and Xavier carried me in, Xander coming in behind us.

The shower cabin was really big, so we fit here just fine even with the twins' abnormally large bodies.

Let's just say, the shower was really steamy and not just from the hot water cascading down on us.

Once we finished our shower, I dressed myself in Xavier's dark blue shirt and Xander's black boxers.

The twins had some work to do because they couldn't concentrate on anything when I wasn't here so they had to put on some normal clothes for the day.

I climbed into the bed, suddenly feeling very tired for some reason. I blame it on the twins - they held me up all night!

They came from the closet just in time to see me blush, thinking about what they kept me up with.

I looked at their appearance and they looked handsome just like they do every day. Both had on black jeans and light blue button up shirts, the sleeves rolled up to their elbows.

They came over to the bed where I was already snuggled up under the covers and kissed my forehead.

"We love you, Angel, and we'll see you later."

"Okay, now go, I'm sleepy." I yawned tiredly.

Two kisses on my cheeks later, the door closed softly and I went off to my dreamland.

Xavier's POV

We made our way downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat before we start on our work.

"Where's Angel?" Two voices asked as soon as we stepped in.

The voices belonged to Stefan (at least I think his name was Stefan) and Jaxson.

"She's asleep." My twin answered and made his way to the fridge.

"Do not disturb her sleep." I growled at them when I noticed them getting up from their seats.

"Why not? It's already 10 o'clock and I wanna spend the day with my little sis."

The Stefan boy scowled at Jaxson as he heard this.

"She's not your little sis, she's my little sister." That sentence received him a glare so vicious that he decided to shut his mouth.

"Why is she asleep anyway?"

"Because she's tired."

Jaxson studied mine and my brother's faces carefully as if trying to figure something out. His eyes went wide which made Chris look at him worringly.

"You mated with her, didn't you?"

Xander was choking on the water he had just drank, coughing, trying to breathe properly.

And that's the moment when mom and dad decided to enter the kitchen.

"You guys mated with her? Congratulations! When am I getting my grandchildren??"

"Moooom." I whined, embarrassed.

"Who is getting grandchildren?" Angel's both pairs of parents came in.

"Oh, we are, I hope." My mum answered, smiling brightly while dad was just chuckling amusedly.

Four pairs of eyes turned to look at me and my twin.

The women looked absolutely delighted by the idea while their husbands looked like they were about to kill me and Xan on the spot.

"So you mated with her, I assume?" The king of elves looked at us, ready to kill us with his bare hands.

"Yes, sir." Me and Xan answered simultaneously.

"I guess there's nothing I could've done to stop that. But she's still young, so I hope you guys used protection."

Me and my twin were out of the kitchen the next second, our father's booming laugh echoing through the house.

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