chapter 7

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Levy POV:

Luckily for us girls we were at the Hargeon port so we just took a train back to Magnolia.

But not without turning the pirates in of course.

About two hours later Lucy juvia and I walked into the guild.

Instantly Grey ran up to Juvia pulling her into his tight embrace.

" Juvia sweetie where have you been!", Gray whined clutching her even tighter.

Groaning Juvia pushed Gray away.

Knowing this could get ugly, I grabbed Lucy's hand and pulled her towards the library.

Right before I closed the door to the library I heard Gray shout, " ice make: hearts!?".

Yep. He's drunk. Still.

Turning around, I saw Lucy gazing at the library in wonder.

Lucy POV:

The guild library was huge!

Books upon books filled the shelves.

All ranged from magic books to romantic novels!

I was in heaven.

But a certain book caught my eye.

Bound in magic chains, a medium sized leather bound book sat on a pedestal.

Looking closer I noticed the name of the book.


Um, that's a strange name for a book.

Shrugging I turned to look at Levy but she wasn't there.

Maybe she walked off-

Suddenly I heard a feminine scream.


Running towards the sound, I pulled out Leo's key, ready to kick some but.

Just as I reached the last shelf, the screaming stopped.

Fearing the worst I ran around the last shelf only to see...
Levy standing over the slumped unconscious body of raven haired man.

Looking at Levy in shock I took a small step forward.

" Levy, what happened? Why were you screaming ?", I asked cautiously, taking another step forward.

Levy started glaring at the unconscious man before her.

"  Well you see, that idiot," she growled pointing at the dude on the ground, " spoiled the end of the book I was reading!".

I gave Levy a confused look.

"So you knocked him out?", I asked, still confused.

" Yep. Now if you excuse me, I have to  take him to Wendy. He might have a serious head injury."

And with that, she dragged the man out the library.

Shaking my head, I turned around and went back to check out that book I was looking at earlier.

But instead of just looking at it I picked it up and put it in my bag, chains and all.

The guild wouldn't mind me taking this right?

Besides, I would DEFINITELY bring it back tomorrow.

Besides, they probably won't even notice its missing!

Walking out of the library, I said goodbye to everyone.
Those who weren't frozen in heart shaped ice waved and told me goodnight.

Skipping out of the guild, I walked home, excited to read the ' borrowed book'.

Once inside my apartment, I sat my bag down and began to clean my apartment.

* Time skip: three hours later*

Collapsing onto the couch  I wiped the sweat of my forehead.

Sitting Down for a minute I stood up and grabbed my pajamas and got in the shower.

*Another time skip: 10 minutes later*

Feeling clean I remembered the book.

Quickly grabbing my bag I sat down on the couch.

Slowly I took out the book.

The magic chains glowed softly then disappeared.

Shrugging it off I opened the book to find...

Ahahaha a cliffhanger!?

What does she find?

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