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I was pushing Y/n on the swing in one of my favorite parks, that became one of her favorites. She giggled, and sounded like a little kid, saying 'higher' each time. I smiled, and laughed with her.

Y/n was really cute, and pretty, and super fun! But the only thing is.... I can't tell her that to her face, which is weird. I told Killua he was fun to be around without the strange feeling I get when I try to tell Y/n. It's been a year and a half since we became friends.

I remember Killua was telling me he had the same feeling. He said he thought he had a crush on the girl, we were buying chocolates for. I think that's what I must have. A crush. He also said liking. I can't remember everything he said! Aw!

But I know he asked me if I liked anyone. I like Y/n. So what does it mean? Maybe I like Y/n as a crush. I think that sounds about right. What was a crush again...? Oh yeah! That's what it was! You want to be in a loving relationship with them!

"Gon!" Y/n shouts. "I wanna jump! Catch me!" She says. I stop pushing her, and move to the front of her, and hold out my arms, as she counts down excitedly.
"3....2....1!!" She kicks her legs out, and falls perfectly in my arms.

I stare at her face. Yeah, she was really adorable. I laugh with her, and sit on my knees with her in my arms. Now how do I tell her that?

I search around the shop for Y/n's favorite chocolate, and Gon was with me. "So, why are you buying her chocolates?" Gon asked. I scratch my head, afraid to actually admit it.

"I actually think I have a crush on her..." I sound more stupid saying it out loud.

"A crush?" Gon says, putting a hand on his chin. I shake my head, and grab chocolate packets.

"Well, yea. But a crush sounds childish. So, it's better to say I like her.

"Oh! So you're buying chocolates to make her happy! Right?"

"Yeah, something like that..." We go to the front desk. "Gon, do you like anyone? I don't wanna be the only one. It's already a dumb feeling itself"

"Hmm.. Like anyone? Maybe one girl..."

"Good! Now, I need to get these chocolates to Y/n!"

"Bye Killua!"


As I run out the shop, I stop thinking about what I was doing. It's only been about a year and a half! And I already like her? I'm an idiot! Baka! Whatever, I should just get the chocolates to her...

She opens her door, and squeals in excitement. "Killua!!! You're here! I was gonna die of boredom!" She throws her arms around me.

"Baka! Let go!" I yell. She just hugs tighter to annoy me. I actually didn't mind. Once she let go she pouts, and pulls me into her house.

"God!! You're so mean!" She whines. It's slightly cute on her. Just slightly.

"Whatever." I say, handing her the chocolates.

"My favorite chocolate?!?! Awe! Killua you really do love me!" I freeze when she said that. She knew?! As she laughs, I realized it was just a phrase.

"B-baka! Don't say things like that! It's embarrassing!"

"Why is it embarrassing? No one's around..."

"Just eat the chocolate..."


Y/n sits next to me on her couch as we watch the movie that was on. I can't stop staring at her. She was really into the movie. But I somewhat admired her. She was... Kind of weird. But her form was perfect. Her face glowed. And she was just so interested in me.

She even called me a friend once.
"No!! Don't go in there!!! You're such an idiot!" She yells at the screen. I tilt my head to the side in amusement. She rolls her eyes, and groans, then throws herself on my lap. I'm surprised by her actions. She looks up at me, and I look back at the screen.

"Illumi" she says.


"Do you accept me as a friend yet?" She asks. I always have since she said we were. It was weird, but she was an exception.

"Mhm" I say. She jumps up, and her face is close to mine. I realize I feel something towards Y/n. It's more than a friend. Slightly a bit more than that. She smiles, and I felt a small smile tug at my lips.

"You do?!" She says. I nod, and she falls back onto my lap. "Illumi, I'm happy now!"


I walk into the regular magic shop I always do each and every afternoon. The reason being is her. Y/n. Oh, how very fascinating she is. And this time, it isn't power, which is quite shocking.

It's her on her own. She's simply the definition of perfect. I look up, and see her sparkling e/c eyes brighten. Oh? For me?
"Ugh!! Finally! What took you so long!" She said. I smirk. She was waiting for me then.

"Hm? Oh, my apologies, dear."

"It's not a very busy day! And frankly, I think prefer it! It was soooo dead and empty in here! Blah!" I smirk at her hand motions. She was so very interesting to watch. Perfect entertainment.
"Hisokaaa!" She said. "Don't ever leave me again!" I smile, very pleased with her words.

"I don't plan on doing so, dear" she smiles, and lets go. But I do plan on making you mine...

For once, I wasn't reading a book. Instead I was staring at Y/n from afar. She was laughing with the rest of the troupe members. Why was she so easy to get along with? I laugh a little as she flaps her arms in a motion a bird with wings would, and boasts about her arm wrestle defeat with Nobunaga. I smile. Such a free spirit.

I couldn't help but want to spend every moment with the girl. I stare at her with complete interest as she hops on Franklin's back. She lightens the whole mood of the spider. Now, I know exactly what I feel.

I just can't believe it's happened in such a short time span. A year I think it was. A year, and my my.
I think I've fallen for you, Y/n.

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