Chapter 50

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I have so many questions going through my mind right now. Why did I lead Tyrell on last night? Is DJ right? Should I swallow my pride and talk to Blake? I don't know, but I'm gonna start with Tyrell. I need to let him know last night was a mistake.

I got my keys and opened the door to walk out, but Tyrell was standing right there. Perfect.

"Hey," he said.


He walked and shut the door behind him.

"I'm bored, let's go see a movie," he said pulling me toward him.

"Okay, but before we go I gotta talk to you," I said.

"Alright. What's up?"

"Don't hate me, but last night was a mistake. I didn't mean to lead you on like that."

"I could never hate you and last night isn't gonna change how I feel about you. I like you Bri - always have and I probably always will, but you're my best friend and I wouldn't wanna ruin that," he said smiling.

I smiled back and he hugged me. After he let go of me, we left.


The fact that I haven't seen or talked to Briana in a month bothers me. I've been trying to talk to her, but she always avoids me. I can't get my mind off of her so I'm going to the movies with DJ tonight to clear my head.

When we got in the concessions line, there was a couple standing in front of us and the girl looked like Briana.

"Is that Briana?" I asked DJ.

"I think so. And that's the guy she was with last night," he said.

"Are they together?" I asked.

I watched as he moved his hand from her shoulder, to her back, to her butt. Watching the way they interacted only made me mad, but there's nothing I can do about it.

"Why do you care? You have a girlfriend, remember?" he said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"I don't care."

"Okay Blake," he said sarcastically.

But I do care. I care way more than I should. When I look at them I can't help but think that should be me with her. We would be together if I weren't with Alana. I should've just broke up with her the day I found out who she was.

"You look like you wanna go talk to her," DJ said.

"I do."

"Then go talk to her."

"She's not gonna wanna talk to me," I said.

"You won't know unless you do it," DJ said.

He reached to tap her shoulder, but I slapped his arm. We got our popcorn and drinks and went into the theater. And of course, they're seeing the same movie. Great.


I didn't even pay attention to the movie. I don't even know what happened. I was too busy thinking about other things.

"Blake, why don't you just walk up to her and say hi or something," DJ said as we walked out of the theater.

"I already told you, I can't."

"You can, but you don't want to."

He walked up to her and made me follow him.

"Hey Bri," DJ said.

"Hey!" she said giving him a hug, "you remember Tyrell."

"Yeah, what's up."

DJ kinda nudged me to say something.

"Hey Bri," I said.


It was a very dry hi. That's the exact reason I didn't wanna say anything. And after that, it was just awkward.

"Well we gotta go, bye!" she said.

She grabbed the guy's hand and rushed to the car. I looked at DJ and gave him "the look."

"Well, at least she spoke," he said.



That was hella awkward. Egh. On the way back to my house, DJ texted me:

deeeeej 😜💙: let's hang out tomorrow

me: aight

We pulled up outside my house, I told Tyrell bye and went inside.

Today has been such an odd day. I lied on the couch and Bailey jumped on my lap. I decided to get on twitter to see what's up.

While I scrolled through my timeline, I noticed my mentions were going crazy, so I checked them. I honestly don't know what I expected, but some of these tweets had me rollin'. I decided to retweet the ones I liked.

@bglover32: I don't like Blake's new gf. What happened to @hyfrbri?

@erinlovesyou: @hyfrbri I prefer you over this new girl 😒

@misstinab: @hyfrbri who's the donkey faced hoe?

@clippersfan_: this girl is fuckin with Blake's game! bring @hyfrbri back!

@h00dnigga: @blakegriffin32 what's @hyfrbri's number? if you don't want her I'll take her 😍👅💦

@IH8TH0TS: @blakegriffin32 going from @hyfrbri to this girl is a downgrade smh

@keishaxo: @hyfrbri is a baddie 😍 Blake's loss

@RichHomieVon: @hyfrbri forget about Blake, I'll treat you right bae 😏

I finally stopped retweeting them and decided to tweet.

@hyfrbri: lmfao y'all are off the chain tonight! 😂

I got off twitter and went to tumblr. I probably shouldn't though because these girls are ruthless. They called Alana things like opportunist, tramp, gold digger, slut, skank - you get the picture.

I decided to make a text post that said:
Y'all wanted him with a black girl. Well now, he's with one.

Literally a minute later I got ten messages that all said "wrong one." Then I got another message and it kinda made me smile, but made me nauseous at the same time.

It said:
idk what's going on between you & Blake but I hope you're able to work it out. I honestly think he was much happier when you guys were together. he seems miserable around his girlfriend all the time & I just want him to be happy.

That was sweet. I got off tumblr, went into my room, changed into pajamas and laid in the bed. Reading that person's message made me want to stop being a bitch and go talk to Blake. I don't know though, I'm still mad at him.

We'll see.

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