chapter 2

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Natsu's POV:

Crouching behind a bush, I stared at my prey.

Standing only five feet in front of me stood a lone deer eating peaceful.

Staring at it I began to drool at the thought eating it.

Mmmmm. Venison.

Cocking my fist back I suddenly lunged forward shouting, " FIRE DRAGON IRON FIST!".

Startled, the deer had no time to react before my fist slammed into it's temple,  imedatly killing it. 

Grinning, I picked it up and carried it back to my small hut, and set it on my table.

Grabbing a dagger I made out of stone I dragged the deer outside and began preparing it for dinner.

* Time skip: after a long and bloody process*

After gutting and bleeding the deer, I cut it into small bite sized pieces and started a fire.

After about thirty minutes, I began to chow down.


Putting out the fire, I walked back into my hut and sat down.

Having nothing else to do I began to think. ( Natsu's thinking... Run! The world's ending!? XD)

I thought about my situation.

When I first woke up here I was surprised. I thought I would wake up in a white abyss of nothingness.

But nope. I woke up in a huge forest.

But what really suprised me want the fact that I wasn't a demon anymore.

Instead I was in a mortal body.

No scales or tail.
No wings or horns.
No claws or fangs.

Just a sluggish human body.


Though I had to admit,  to a mortal this body would have been hot.

I soon adapted to my environment and built a hut, made weapons, and explored.

I still had magic, but instead of Demon King Fire magic,
I had my original magic, from when I was just a wee demon.

Fire dragon Slayer magic.

It not as good as my Demon King magic but it gets the job done.

Coming out of thoughts I stood and made my way to the hammock ( aka my bed).

I eased into the hammock, feeling exhausted all of a sudden.

My last thought before drifting to sleep was



NG out~

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