Cherry: Chapter 9

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"We'll be late if you don't keep your hands to yourself."

"I don't care," Cherry said, rubbing Phil's crotch as he drove. "You make me so horny. I just want to suck your dick all day long."

Phil released a rattling sigh as he tossed his head back. "You make it hard to say no..."

"Watch the road, stupid!"

"Huh?" Jerking his head forward, he gripped the wheel. "Right. Sorry. You get me all flustered."

Chuckling to herself, Cherry grabbed his cock through the fabric of his shorts. His erection throbbed in her hand. "Should I try?"

"Try what?"

"Giving you head." She unzipped his fly. "Think I can do it?"

"Cherry, I think you can accomplish anything you set your mind to."

"That's such a Daddy thing to say." She opened his shorts and exposed his cock. "Wow. It looks really big today. Not sure I can fit it in my mouth."

"Well, you'd better do something," he said as his tip met the base of the steering wheel.

Wrapping her fist around his shaft, she squeezed casually, considering her next move. "My head might not fit between you and the wheel."

His cockhead spilled precum over its red borders. The sticky stuff ran down her fingers as she worked his shaft.

"Maybe I should just do this all the way to The Moose," Cherry teased.

"You really think I'd last that long?"

"We could find out."

"Or you could suck my dick." Phil scooped the back of Cherry's head into his hand and plunged her face into his lap.

She gasped on the way down, because she didn't expect him to do anything so forceful. It meant her mouth was open for his cock. She swallowed it by accident. It filled her tender throat in a way that was actually pretty jarring.

"Stay down." Phil's heavy hand sat like a weight against her skull. "I don't want any other drivers to see."

What other drivers? There was nobody on the road. But Cherry couldn't say that because she was too busy trying not to gag on Phil's cock. She urged up enough that his tip was no longer lodged at the back of her throat, and wrapped both hands firmly around the base. Now he couldn't pummel her throat unless she wanted him to.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "Suck it."

Her pussy throbbed when he said those words. Where had this dirty boy come from? He seemed so innocent a few days ago. Now Phil was commanding and demanding. She could barely keep up.

"Suck it, Cherry. Suck my fat cock."

"Yes, Daddy," she uttered around his dick. Her lips encircled his shaft, resting just underneath the rim of his cockhead. If he wanted warm, wet suction, that's what he'd get. Plenty of it.

"Fuck, yeah." His voice sounded oh-so-gritty. It made Cherry's clit pound against her panties. "Suck it just like that, baby. I want to fill your face with cum."

"Mmm!" She sucked harder, then softer, giving his dick a little variety. She liked to make sure her mouth was really wet when she gave a blow job. Guys seemed to like that. Warm and wet. That was the goal.

Slipping her pinky finger into his underwear, Cherry toyed with Phil's balls, making him shiver so hard she felt it. The car jerked forward, knocking her head against the wheel. She struggled not to react, but heard herself whimpering.

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