Chapter 96.

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Suman's POV.

Home! As the taxi sped on the roads of Delhi I could feel the warm sensation that homecoming brings with it.

This had been my first trip out of city in years and the very first ever out of country. Little did I know at that time that this trip will end up in me having another home- with Shravan.

A smile found it's way to stretch my lips at the very thought of the happenings of the past months. The smile broadened as I traced my engagement ring with the forefinger of my right hand. The friendship band with initials 'S.M' along with the bracelet of charms - my eyes softened as I gazed at them

Shravan I miss you so much already and It's been only about an hour since I landed!

The taxi honked once as it entered the bylane near my house.

Nanu had gone off with Shravan's grandfather to his village directly from the village and Anuj bhaiya had also gone with them.

My aunty was not aware of him being with us as yet so it was perhaps better that Nanu took him along.

I had not really expected a welcome committee but did feel a pang when no one was there to receive me at all.

Varun Bhayia, Pushkar's elder brother had insisted I go with them and he would drop me but I had declined.

Finally they had hailed this pre-paid cab for me and seen me off.

Directing the taxi to halt in front of my house I got down and pulled then luggage inside the main gate with the drivers help.

I was already distracted when I thanked him for his help and he drove away. The house was quite-too quite.

Taking a deep breath I walked ahead trying to fight back the apprehensive feeling rising within me. Not all conversations had gone down well between me and Manju Mami over the months.

Stop over thinking Sumo. You have come back home and not to a prisoner camp! Nothing unexpected will happen.

I stopped walking before just reaching the door.

A lock?

Well yeah- this indeed is unexpected. They did know I was coming back today- alone. They had been aware Nanu wold be comin g here only after a few days.

So what if no one is at home? I am sure it must have been something important that had made them all go out.

Well good thing about it is I can get into a skype chat with Shravan right away.

"Are you going to stare at that ugly rusted lock whole day?"

I spun around startled "Pushkar??" I gaped at him in disbelief. What is he doing here?

"Sumo??" he mimicked my tone and pointed a finger at me.

I giggled. "You dimwit. I was not checking who you are. I am just surprised to see you here."

"I came to share chocolate with you." he said his tone dead serious and stretched his arm forward. I had to squint to see the tiny bit between his fingers. I stared at it as he placed it on my palm.

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