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( chapter twenty-one ! )
"That'll Do, Pig"


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"JESS, HE LEFT ME ANOTHER MESSAGE AND I'M SCARED." Olive informed her twin her eyes closed in annoyance as she listened to the message that Eric left. It was nothing special, really. Just him asking for her to call back. It's funny how the rolls have been reversed; considering it use to be Olive that would call and be obviously ignored. She has no clue where this persistence has come from. The pair broke up a month ago, and the only contact that they had was Thanksgiving— and even then there was close to zero verbal communication. Olive has two theories. Either him and Benny are having issues, or... actually that's her only theory.

"Call him back and tell him to go fu"

"Jess!" Luke warned, not taking his eyes away from the stove where he was frying eggs.

"Fuck himself," Jess finished with a smug smirk.

Olive frowned, listening to the message again, before pressing delete and placing the phone back in its holder. This was hard for her. She still loves Eric. And she believes that Eric will always have a special place in her heart. Does she see them possible being friends in the future? Yes. Does she ever see them getting back together someday? Also yes. She's very mad at herself about that last one. They cheat once they will cheat again. Though, at the same time, thinking about the situation— it must have been hard for Eric, considering he was figuring himself out. She's happy he's comfortable in himself as being bisexual. She's proud of him for being strong and telling his mom and sister, she's proud of him for not being afraid. She can't hate Eric Gilmore. Olive has found it nearly impossible. As she stared at the machine, her thoughts and heart racing, and without a second thought, her hand reached for the phone. Just as she started to dial Eric's number, a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her away.

Olive let out a squeal of surprise as her brother carried her towards the couch and plopped her down. Jess huffed, placing his hands on his hips and sending her a sassy look that screamed 'seriously?'. "Dude, why?"

  "Dude, why?" The brunette girl mocked her brother, an innocent smile on her face.

  "We have been over this! Do. Not. Cave."



  "He said—"

  "I don't care."

  "I was just—"

  "Shut up."


  "Nope." It was silently for a moment, Jess smirking (obviously proud of himself) and Olive staring at him blankly. "So, are we on the same page?" He asked, an eyebrow raised as he waited.

  With a scoff, the brunette girl stood up, grabbed her school bag and stormed out of the apartment.

  "Hey, don't be pissy! I'm helping you!" It was silent for a moment before Jess realized that she was probably going to use a pay phone.

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