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( chapter fourteen ! )
"Application Anxiety"

  OLIVE STARES forward, her jaw hanging open and her eyes opened as wide as can be ( the poor girl was so shocked she dropped her shopping basket

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OLIVE STARES forward, her jaw hanging open and her eyes opened as wide as can be ( the poor girl was so shocked she dropped her shopping basket.) Olive couldn't even process anything at the moment. The teenage boy before her still looked the same as the last time she saw him. With his pale skin, handsome face and chiseled features. Large green eyes, a pointed nose and his plump lips which are pulled into his signature smirk. All put together with a cancer stick dangling from his lips. Spencer Alexander. Just thinking of him caused her heart to speed up and her stomach to erupt with butterfly's. But seeing him in front of her after nearly a year was a whole different experience.

She hasn't talked to him since the night before she left for Stars Hollow. That night, she went over to Spencer's apartment (which he shares with his older sister,) planning on telling him the news about her moving. But she just couldn't do it. So after a long night of cuddling and watching movies, longing touches and steaming kisses— Olive awoke in his bed, pulled on her clothes, took off the necklace he gave her, and then never looked back.

"Holy shit!" She shrieked, spinning around to attempt to make a run for it. But of course, nothing goes good for Olive. She let out a yelp as she ran straight into a shelf, knocking it over, hurting herself in the process. Then, to make things even better, she lost her balance and landed right on her butt. She slowly brought a shaking hand up to cover her nose, as it quickly stared to gush blood. 'Fuck my life'.

  "Olive!" Two male voices shouted at the the same time. Spencer (being closest) crouched down in front of the brunette, worry flashing in his eyes as he saw all the blood. But before he could do anything to help her, he was pushed out of the way by Jess.

"Jesus Christ, Olive!" Jess shouted, his face full of concern as he slowly helped his sister back to her feet. He noticed the blood all over her face, and quickly looked around for a pack of tissues. He sighed in relief when he found a box. Walking over he ripped open the packaging, grabbed a box, opened it hastily and handed Olive a huge handful of tissues. He was barley able to here her small 'thank you'.

"You know, I was handling it." Spencer huffed, slowly standing to his feet and dusting off his jeans all well glaring at the male Mariano.

Olive sighed, holding the tissues closer to her nose, already accepting what is about to happen. She knows this isn't going to end well. Though she has witnessed plenty of verbal and physical fights between both boys, she didn't want any in Stars Hollow, let alone Taylor's Doesy's store. Luke is defiantly not gonna like this.

Letting out a dry laugh, Jess turned towards Spencer, his eyes narrowed into slits as he sent the boy a look that could kill. "I wouldn't have pushed you if you hadn't of pushed her!" He accused. Just assuming that's what happened cause he knows about Spencer's Juvenile past.

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