|Killgrave| "How Long After I Left Did You Stop Loving Me?" {Part Two Of Two.}

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^Me to; me to

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Me to; me to

"Quick hide in the cellar." You whispered towards Kilgrave, tossing him a key. He nodded, and you guided him towards the cellar.

"Now go!"

You turned to see Ada and quickly knelt by her. "Do not tell Jess that, that man was here okay Hun. Promise?"

"Promise." Ada babbled, you smiled and kissed her forehead.

You ran to the door and opened it quickly.

"Jess, what is it?"

"Kilgraves missing..."

"That's a good thing isn't it?"

"No, because it means he's in the shadows... Has he been here?"

"What? No, don't be stupid!"

"What do you think of him?" Jessica questioned.

Jessica often asked this to people she thought were under control.

"I'm not under control Jessica."

"Just answer my question."

"I hate him, Jessica, after what he did to you. I hope he rots in hell."

"Where's Ada?"

"In her room, Jessica what's really going on..."

"I found this little journal, I found out about you two. You know all them years ago."

"Jessica I'm sorry-"

"Why did you not just tell me!"

"Because I wanted to forget him, Jess!"


Jess ran into the next room, I began to quickly follow her.

"Jessica! Come back here!"

She turned on her heel and threw a sharp punch at me, causing my body to fly across the room, slamming into the wall. I grunted feeling my shoulder fracture. My eyes landed on Ada as she cried running over.

"No, Ada I'm fine, go to your room quickly."

I looked back at Jessica and began to stand once more, she went to grab me; I took hold of her arm and glared into her eyes.

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