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( chapter six ! )
"A-Tisket, A-Tasket"

  "WHAT ARE WE doing here exactly?" An annoyed Jess asked his sister as the Mariano twins entered Doosey's Market

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"WHAT ARE WE doing here exactly?" An annoyed Jess asked his sister as the Mariano twins entered Doosey's Market. The town was having this event where a girl would by a basket and bake/bye food to put in it. And then people will bid on the basket. Olive never got to do things like this in New York, and she's so excited to participate in Stars Hallows events.

"I need to get stuff for my basket... I also need a basket," she explained, her eyes twinkling in excitement when she sees a bright pink basket.

"Of course you'd picked that one," Jess drawled as he watched her pick up the basket, a huge grin on her face. "What else do you need?"


The male Mariano gave his sister a wired look, "why?"

"Shut up."

"Harsh," Jess whistled, a smirk on his face as they headed down one of the isles. Olive looking down and reading her list. She let out a quite yelp of surprise when her brother stopped, causing her to bump into his back. Just as she was gonna ask him why he stopped, she caught site of Rory and Dean kissing. A smirk making its way onto her face, knowing how her brother feels about Rory. Though he hasn't admitted anything, Olive can read her twin like an open book.

Jess leaned against the shelf, making a rustling noise that caught the couples attention. Rory saw them first, smiling awkwardly as she pulled away from Dean.

"What? Taylor?" Dean asked, confused. Turning around, a scowl making its way onto his face when he saw the Mariano boy, "Jess."

"Sorry to intrude," Jess said, his words laced with sarcasm.

"Then why did you?"

"Well, your having your vertical "from here to eternity moment" right in front of the super glue," he points to the glue that's on the shelf behind the couple. "Which Olive needs for some reason."

"Oh," Rory says awkwardly, sending Olive a small smile when she mouths 'Sorry'.

"Not that that's not an appropriate place to be doing it in front of-"

Dean cut Jess off by tossing him the Glue. "Here's your glue!"

"Thanks," the male Mariano nodded mockingly, "as you were." He turned around, dragging Olive into a different isle. "What else do you need?"

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