PT.8 - Bad

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It was Saturday when I called Shawn.

"So I guess Ian is coming to our room?" I said as I packed up a few things as Brooke waited on her bed.

"Want to come here?" He offered before I needed to ask.

"Yes please."

I packed up and headed over to the East Wing. When I knocked on the door Shawn called from the inside saying it was open. Walking inside I found him laying in the bed with the blankets pulled up and around him. His hair was messy and I knew he hadn't done anything with all day except run his fingers through it like he always did.

I stopped and looked at him. "Hi." I smiled.

His bright smile popped up over the covers. "Hi!" He said like a child.

I began to laugh as I put down my bag and walked to him after kicking off my shoes. Reaching for the covers I pulled them back and found Shawn in sweats and a shirt. He opened the covers up and I fell inside them as he moved over. It was warm and cozy inside and we instantly wrapped into one another.

We said nothing for a while.

"How was your day?" I asked.

Shawn's hand was brushing my hair. "Good but better now."

I couldn't help but smile.

We began to casually chat, Shawn told me about his assignment and how he wasn't sure how to do it, I gave advice on whatever little of it I understood.

"Also when am I going to get those notes from the class I missed?"

I grinned. "Never."

"What?" Shawn said leaning back so he could look at me, his chin formed little rolls under it as he did. "You offered them?"

"Only because you weren't talking to me and I was dying for conversation."

His voice went high as he began to whine about how he needed them.

"Oh shut up!" I laughed. "I'm giving you a hard time. I'll send them to you."

Shawn smiled and then his voice went silly. "Aweee, thanks, babe!"

I rolled my eyes at him and looked away before smiling. After turning my face I felt Shawn lean in and kiss my cheek.

He did it again, seeing the grin on my lips and then I turned to kiss him. The kissing was simple and cute at first but then I pressed deeper and my hand reached up under the blanket over his cotton shirt and I felt him under my palm and fingers.

His lips parted on mine and his hands began to move through the bedding to find my body. His hands gripped around me and pulled me closer and I moved with him.

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