Chapter 7

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We walked for a pretty long time none of us saying a thing I so desperately wanted to ask some questions such as why this pink haired man was always entering this building in the middle of the night and why he was acting so weird compared to the last time I met him.

But it seemed he was comfortable with the silence so I didnt say a thing and just stared down at the ground while I was walking behind him, the only thing in my vision were his military boots and army coloured pants.

"owww" I rubbed my head when we suddenly stopped and I bumped into Mr.Dragneel.

He just towered over me glancing down at me staring.

" Next time watch where you are going and stop looking at the ground, look confident when you walk." He didnt say it in a rude way just not exactly in a nice way it was kindve in a disapproving type of way.

" Yes sir" I saluted quickly trying to maintain my first impression as a good student.

" We've arrived this is the girls dorm and on the other side is the guys dorm, you are not permitted to cross over to the other dorms. Everyone gets their own room it may be small but its enough to fit everything." He gestured to the two halls on both sides of me.

" The teachers do not work on this side of the building we work in the north section so if you ever need anything just find me on the north side. My office will be obvious since its the only one thats covered with red paint. " He pointed to where this office would be but since we couldnt see much from our view it was just around where I would be able to find him.

" Any questions?"

"What are the ground rules around here and are the mentors permanent?" I didn't want him to take it the wrong way but I think it would have been better if I got one of the nicer less intimidating mentors.

He mouth formed a straight line and I gulped slowly.

"First things first there is to be no dating allowed unless otherwise permitted by your mentors or higher ups. No smoking, leaving the academy without permission and no unreasonable actions without the guidance of your mentors. There are many more but you will find them in a book you'll be receiving soon."

Awww that sucks I didn't know you had to ask permission to leave the academy. Now that I'm here I'm expected to stay at least half a year with all expenses covered but not much money left to spare. We are practically living in the academy so Ive already resigned my job. Fairy tail really cares about whether or not the participants are serious.

"Natsu what are the punishments for breaking these rules?" I asked innocently.

He raised an eyebrow slightly and thought of an answer.

"If it's not too serious I decide on your punishments."

I gulped again, oh no I have to make sure we are always on good terms or else he might over punish me, hopefully never anything humiliating.

He started to explain the daily procedures while we continued to walk a good distance between one another around the academy.

There weren't a lot of students just the ones who started today with me.

"You get up early in the mornings at around 6 and have breakfast then you train for a few hours. This training is mostly to build up your physical endurance and after that it's lunch, after lunch you get 2 hours of free time before training again until 7. You get dinner and the rest of the day to prepare for tomorrow or doing your daily necessities."

As he was speaking I took detailed notes about everything so I wouldn't make a mistake.

" When examinations come you will be expected to work harder and during this whole year while you are training during the day you cannot have your phone with you and phone usage is limited to 1 hour a day. You are not to reveal anything or anyone from the academy as that is confidential and punctuality is crucial".
He talked on and on about the rules that I  would've forgotten them all if it wasn't for my notebook.

We reached the end of the east end so he gave me a tour of the rest of the academy throughout the rest of the afternoon. I really wanted to form a closer relationship that way it'll be better to work with each other through the next few months but he kept it strictly formal and each time I tried making a joke he just replied with a "mhm".

At around 4 pm we had finished and both of us had talked a lot during the day. We sat on two chairs in a classroom in the academy school as he needed to check my schedule and make some changes.

It was silent, all you could hear was the paper moving in his hands. He crossed out parts and wrote notes on the sides, his handwriting was really neat unsurprisingly.

" Here I added some changes so instead of going to your class during this time meet me at my office and we will go over other things." 

"Does every mentor do this?" I timidly ventured.

" Yes." Thank goodness, I don't want to be the only one that is skipping class. Waittttt do I still have to make up for it?

" Natsu would I still have to make up for that class?" 

" Yes, you will receive notes from me from that class that I will give to you at the end of the day." He got up, passed me my sheet and left the classroom.

I quickly scrambled out of my sheet and ran out to follow but I didn't notice he was waiting for me so I literally ran into him. 

Oh my god. He is going to get so triggered.

I knocked both of us into the wall outside the classroom. My hands were on his arms as he took the impact. Both of us stood there dazed for a while before he helped me on my feet.

" First rule, watch where you are going" He looked at me before sliding himself out of my arms which were holding on to him and walked away......again. 

I just stood there staring as he walked away but he stopped and gestured for me to follow.

" I am so sorry." I said a few steps behind him. 

" Next time just don't do it again" He didn't acknowledge me as he spoke. 

" Ok.." Luckily it was time for dinner so I could slip away without further making a fool of myself.

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