Chapter 20

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Y/N's POV:

"And cut" Kenny said
"Alright everyone take five"

It's been about a week since that whole almost quitting incident

Things have been alright surprisingly. I expected the worst by still working here but it's been okay

Sofia and I aren't exactly best friends but we do communicate and get along alright. I get it tho. I can't like force myself on her and she needs her space

I walked into my own trailer and let myself fall onto the couch letting out a sigh.

I heard a knock on the door and I shouted a come in as I had my eyes closed rubbing my temples. I was getting a headache

I heard heels click and then I felt hands replace mine

I opened my eyes and saw it was Sofia

"You have a headache?" She asked as she continued to massage me and I nodded. I got them often and she always did this to help me feel better

"I wanted to ask you something?" She said and I sat up and she put her hands on her lap

"I-uh" she stuttered "you know what it's okay it's stupid" she said as she was about to get up but I grabbed her hands and made her sit down

"It's alright you can tell me" I said

"Uh we're shooting Space Between next and I was- I was hoping you could help me since I'm so used to you helping me with my lines, I tried asking Cameron to help me but he just laughs at me when I try to be serious and you're the only one that gets me but now that I think about it it's dumb I'm sorry" she rambled

"Sof- its fine alright. I'd love to help you" I said and she caught her breath

"Thank you" she said taking a deep breath

"Hold on" I said as I got up grabbing my keyboard

I sat it down on my lap and brought out the sheet music for the song. I read over it and placed my fingers over the keys

"Wait you know I don't sing" I said with a laugh and she giggled

"Cmon y/n please" she said

"You sing both parts I feel weird" I said and she giggled

"Please. For me" she said and I looked into her eyes immediately and she covered her mouth

She used to say that as a way to get me to agree and do things. It was like a little insider cute thing she did. It was just awkward at the moment

"Okay for you" I responded and I saw her blush

I began to press on the keys and slowly began to play the song. And then came Sofias beautiful vocals

"I didn't know what you were goin' through
I thought that you were fine
Why did you have to hide"

Next was my turn to sing

"I didn't want to let you down
But the truth is out
It's tearin' me apart, not listenin' to my heart"

It was weird to sing this song. Because it almost felt as if everything we were saying we were actually saying it to each other

We were doing fine but I couldn't help but feel that lump in my throat

Halfway into the song I noticed Sofias voice get more raspy and emotional

I looked up and saw her singing with her eyes closed. She leaned into me and rested her head on my shoulder

I started hearing little sobs as she sang. I then felt something dripping down my arm. I could tell now that she was crying as she balled her fist into my shirt

"T-thank you y/n that's enough" she said then dashed out of my trailer before I could even say anything. Leaving me there speechless

I sighed and stayed in the same position until i heard a crew member shout it was time to get back to work

As I was walking towards the set Jay grabbed me

"Hey Y/n let's hang out" he said trying to pull me away

"What? No I can't right now we're shooting a scene" I said

"Well see Sofia kinda asked me to not let you on for this specific scene" he said and I looked at him confused

"She said she's emotional enough and if she continues to sing this song while you're in the room she knows she'll break down" he said and i sighed

"See this exactly why I wanted to quit" I said and he held my shoulders

"It's just this one song it's alright. Cmon" he said while pulling me away


After a long day of filming we were finally free. We'd continue the next day

I was currently with the cast at catering as we were eating donuts and chilling out

"So y/n are you down?" Cameron asks me

"Huh down for what? Sorry I zoned out" I said

"We're all going out to eat come join us" he said. I was about to answer yes but I looked at Sofia and she looked kinda awkward and I didn't want to make her feel like that

"Um no I'm good. I'm actually having dinner with my parents tonight" I said and they all booed me but also understood

I hung out with them a little more until I finally decided to leave. I told them all goodbye and gave them hugs

I awkwardly hugged Sofia and she returned it surprisingly. Before I pulled away she grabbed my arm

"Drive safe okay" she said and I smiled at her thoughtfulness

"Always" I said and then walked away


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