PT.5 - Shawn

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There was a light knock on the door and it woke me. Still exhausted from my crying I ached and refused to get up.

There was another knock a little longer and harder I knew whomever it was wanting me to answer but knew I probably was sleeping and felt bad for being rude.

Suddenly the idea of Brooke being drunk and loosing her keys came to my mind and I rolled over. She tapped on the door a little harder and a little longer now, not trying to be polite since the first two knocks didn't work. Stumbling to the door with eyes almost shut I grumbled a little. When I was almost at the door the knock was loud and forceful making the smooth door shake a little. I unlocked the bolt and it stopped before I swung it open.

"Jesus Brooke," I mumbled.

But very quickly I realized it wasn't Brooke's small fair frame in the door. I looked up widening my eyes at Shawn's tall statue and he stood silently.

"Oh." I breathed, as my whole body when cold.

His eyes held onto mine and I wasn't sure what to do because something about the way he was looking made me feel nervous. The nerves weren't about my feelings for him or him finding out, but he looked mad, mad at me. Suddenly his hand pressed onto the door I was still holding only slightly open and he pushed himself into the room.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked his tone harsh.

He walked into the dark room and I turned to watch him as I stood still holding the door open.

"Tell you what?" I croaked.

"Why did you tell me you had feelings for me?" He asked as his voice went a little high. He turned around and he was upset.

My chest caved in as I let out a breath, and my whole body contracted in fear.

What did he just say?

"Wha- What?" I managed to get out.

He stepped forward and the uptight voice and large frame intimidated me. "Y/n, why didn't you tell me you had feelings for me?"

Slowly I let the door frame go and pushed it to lock.

"How do you..." But my jaw fell, the shock was a little overwhelming to my thought process.

"How did you find -." But I realized that was the wrong question. I knew the answer before I asked the question. My voice was strong and enraged.

"Who told you?"

Shawn stood only a few feet away from me and he shook his head irritated I wouldn't acknowledge his question.

I knew who told him and the realization was crushing.

"Brooke," I answered for myself. Looking down I looked away to the floor and shook my head.

"That bitch." I breathed as the betrayal set in.

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