PT.4 - Party

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"You'll be fine tonight?" Brooke asked as she cracked open a drink.

"Yeah," I said from the bathroom as I lined my upper lid. "It's just another night? Nothing has changed."

I stepped back from the mirror and quickly glanced at her, her eyes were narrowed.

"But it has changed."

I shook my head. "Not really? I mean it's a little different because you know now, but it's still the same."

She smacked her lips after taking a sip of her drink. "I guess."

I was finished in the bathroom so I quickly packed up before getting myself a drink from our mini cooler and sitting on my bed across from Brooke.

"You know what you need?" Brooke said as she shuffled eagerly on her bed.

I raise my brow waiting as I took a sip.

"A good dicking."

I reached up covering my mouth as I almost spit it out my drink. "Brooke!" I said when I swallowed.

"What?" She smiled. "It's true. When was the last time you put the little ribbon on the door?"

She was referring to our small red ribbon that meant a boy was over, really it was Brooke's ribbon. When we first built the system I often just crashed at Shawn's but I realized after a while that Ian knew what was going on and I just decided to stop hurting him with the information.

"Never," I said grinned.

"Well, all the more reason." She smiled.

I rolled my eyes, there was no way I'd be using that ribbon tonight and she knew it, although I did appreciate her effort in encouraging me.

"Your loss." She said with a shrug before smiling and taking another drink

We spent the next half an hour pre-drinking in our room. We expected that the boys and most of our other friends were drinking together but because of the events in the past two days Brooke agreed that we should wait until we knew there would be more people around. We figured it would help me not feel so uneasy around Shawn since the study spot incident.

When it was late we packed up the rest of our liquor in a bag and left to the East Wing. When we arrived we just walked in as we could hear the chatter from outside. The small room had a number of bodies inside and automatically it smelled of body heat. Brooke and I edged out way in.

"Y/N? Brooke!" I hear from Ian. Both Brooke and I looked to our side and found Ian coming away from some people. Quickly I smiled to Ian before looking at Brooke wondering if my request would change her interactions with Ian.

I caught a slight hesitancy in her eye but she looked away and reached for Ian as he went to hug her. My heart sank a little, and I felt that it might not be a great night for him.

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