I was looking up into the back for a spot when I hear my name.


I followed the sound of Shawn's voice and found him in the third row, at my favourite location no less. He smiled and waved before I began to quickly walk over as the professor had just walked in the room. Almost running over I quickly ascended up the few rows but stopped short as the open spot had the desk turned down and a large iced coffee sitting on the top.

I slowly approached and looked at the drink. "Uh, is the seat taken?" I asked Shawn as it seemed as if someone was occupying the seat but was not present.

Looking up waiting for him to answer I realized how fragile I was depending solely on his response.

Shawn's brows pulled in together and he turned his head a little.

"Yes, it is."

My shoulders dropped along with my heart. I was completely devastated because this really was the start. I was losing my best friend when he meant more to me than ever before. I was sure the seat was probably for some girl who had the guts to approach him.

"Oh." Was all I could get out before I looked up at the back for seating.

"Y/n!" Shawn called as I placed my foot on the next step to go into the back seat. Quickly I looked to him.

"The seat is taken by you." He gave a laugh. "You idiot."

Again, I was taken surprised and I'm sure I was showing it by my expression. I placed the foot back down from the step and turned.

"Oh," I said again before looking at the cup of coffee. "Well, who's is that?"

Shawn took a while so I looked up to him and he had a huge grin on his face.

"It's for you, Y/n?" He chuckled. "I got you coffee."

My jaw fell a little as I looked down at the cup in surprise. Then I heard a girl in the row behind us give a hushed 'awe'.

"For me?" I almost squeaked.

Shawn nodded and I looked down at the drink a while longer before I slowly I took the cup off the desk and sat down in the seat. As I pulled off my light jacket I saw my order written on the cup from the good but more expensive coffee place on the opposite side of campus. I only ever got the coffee from there when I really wanted something special.

"You looked a little stressed today, so I thought I'd make sure you got a good seat and bring you a coffee."

My heart swelled at the gesture. Maybe Shawn wasn't going to start pushing me out after all. If anything the gesture began to seed unrealistic ideas of its meaning in my brain. I continued to stare at the coffee before looking back up. "How did you know I was...?"

Shawn gave a beautiful smile. "I saw you running around earlier. If it wasn't the look of panic it would have been the return of the bun."

Shawn smiled as he reached up and touched the messy bun that was falling into the nap of my neck. He always made fun of the bun during its return around midterms and finals.

Normally I would have swatted at Shawn or rolled my eyes, but I was a little too overwhelmed to play into our usual antics. Shawn's gesture was really nice, especially because of how stressed I was with school and how much his and Lindsey's growing relationship was hurting me lately. His simple gesture made me feel good; it made me feel that our friendship wasn't falling apart and that maybe my life wasn't either.

"You got me coffee?" I said looking up at him as the rims of my eyes burned a little and my voice broke.

"Yes..." He spoke slowly as a concerned look came across his face and he leant a little towards me. "Are you okay y/n, it's just coffee?"

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