"Yes, it was," I whispered as the prof was getting ready to speak.

Shawn leant in whispering and I could smell his shampoo."Was it really?"

I nodded but said nothing as the prof began to speak. Shawn took a moment before turning over his shoulder and looking to the girl.

I wasn't sure why I was feeding into letting Shawn know about the girls hitting on him, but I was. I refused to turn and look but I was sure the girl and Shawn were exchanging smiles and the though pained me deep inside. But as I sat silently in my seat the curiously was eating at me, so I turned to him. When I looked at him he was writing his notes from the slides but with a huge smile on his face and I knew the smile wasn't from the thrilling notes on the basilar membrane.

I watch him for a while because even if I was upset for the reason he was smiling I still couldn't help but enjoy his happiness. He was adorable and almost innocent in how he was reacting to the fact girls were attracted to him. The longer I watched him blissfully writing his notes the more a smile grew across my lips. It wasn't until he shuffled a little I looked away and caught up on the slide.

The rest of the class I was able to focus on the slides sufficiently enough, but often when there was a dry or slow moment my mind would flicker to thoughts of the girl behind us. Little by little I kept picturing Shawn and her together, first just talking after class, then studying and then on a date. Eventually, it progressed over the course of the ninety-minute class into thoughts I cringed at in pain. So when the prof finally said that he would see us next week I was more than thankful to leave the room.


"Don't give him that guitar!" I yelled across the room.

The music in the dorm room was loud and drowned out my voice but I knew they could hear me. "I swear to god Ian, you put that fucking guitar down right now."

Ian's arm that was holding out Shawn's guitar mid-air stopped and they all looked to me smiling.

"Put it DOWN." I said firmly.

All three of the boys look at me with a mischievous smile and slowly, just to piss me off, Ian put the guitar in Shawn's hand. As Shawn began to place the guitar strap over his shoulder I threw my head back drunk.

"Oh my god."

I brought my head back up and looked at Ian across the small room. "You know he's going to be playing that all night now."

Ian heard me and shrugged before taking a sip from his red solo cup. Shaking my head I did the same before Shawn's guitar began to play in the room, it clashed with the Sean Paul music coming from the dock by the window. I rolled my eyes at Shawn because he was such a creature of habit.

The next half an hour was filled with chatter and drinking and the occasional cheer for someone doing something stupid. I was pretty drunk when I stood up and walked over to Shawn as he sat on the chair at his desk. Walking around him I wrapped my one around him and leant over while being careful to not spill my drink.

"Can't you go one fucking party without playing that damn thing?" I said playfully.

He turned smiling at me and his lips looked so pretty as they said the word. "Nope."

I rolled my eyes and then leant back against his desk and took another sip as I watched Shawn play. Then the door to the busy room opened and I saw Lindsey walk in, a lot of eyes turned to her in the room, even my own weren't able to look away. She was stunning and I hated that I knew it.

She was dressed casual but the white flowing top and her blue jeans make her skin seem so perfect and flawless. Her hair this time was loosely curled and she was wearing a little more makeup that made her bright green eyes pop more. I hated her because I wanted to be her.

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