PT.2 - Denny's

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"Yeah well just text me when you want us to come over?" I said as I pulled out my notebook.

We were sitting in the second row out of my choosing and because I had shown up early to get a good seat. I liked the third row because you were close enough for the prof to know your face but not too close for him to ask you questions.

"Excuse me?" I heard a voice coming from next to Shawn. I glanced over and saw the girl in the row up from us leaning over the seats, her long hair falling near Shawn and she pushed it back behind one ear. "I wasn't here last class, do you think I could get a picture of your notes?"

My eyes narrowed automatically. First, most of the power points were online, you could sufficiently catch up by just reading them alone and supplementing with the textbook, second why didn't she ask the people next to her and third, why was her smile so fucking big?

"Oh yeah for sure, but my writing is terrible? Maybe you might want to ask someone else?" Shawn answered

Yeah, maybe you should ask someone fucking else.

She shook her head with a pretty smile. "Oh no that's fine. I'm sure they are just fine!"

I scrunched my face and looked away with my eyes bulging a little. What the actual hell was going on? It felt like everyone was after Shawn now. I mean I didn't exactly blame them but I felt mad, and I wanted Shawn to go back to the tall boy from last year.

Shawn leant back as the girl returned his notebook after taking a few pictures on her phone. I was waiting for her to also hand her the phone and ask for his number too.

"Thank you so much I owe you a coffee or something!"

I raised my eyebrow as I continued to look at my notebook. Or she could do it that way? Smart.

"Oh no, that's fine. It's just notes that I took anyways!" Shawn said, not understanding the girl was hitting on him. Shawn's naivety towards the obvious advancement kind of made my heart melt, because he still was the guy from last year, he just didn't look like it anymore.

The girl kept pressing to pay him back but Shawn kept insisting it wasn't a big deal. She kept going on until the prof began to bring up his slide and the room was growing quiet, ready to listen.

"Well, I appreciate it." She finally gave up before sitting back in her seat.

Shawn nodded and returned to his desk.

I leant in a little. "Wow, all the girls are flocking to you this year." My tone was a little firmer than I had wanted so I made sure to smile.

Shawn's brows turned in together. "That's not what that was."

I raised my eyebrow and turned away again picking up my pen.

"That's not what that was, she just asked for my notes," Shawn said defensively.

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