PT. 1 - Green Peppers

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"Hey excuse me?" I looked to my left to find a girl with long red hair and many freckles looking at me. When she saw she had my attention she continued on.

"I won't be here next class would you mind if I got my notes from you?"

I put on a smile and nodded. "Yeah, sure." I lied.

She proceeded to ask me for my email and I purposely put one letter wrong. If this first year thought she was going to get notes in a curved class she was an idiot. I had every intention to dominate everyone in here with their naivety alone.

When I was turning back to my notepad on my small desktop I saw Shawn running through the door just as the professor was standing before it ready to start his lecture. Shawn gave a beautiful smile running his fingers through his thick hair that was loose and a looking a little damp. His cheeks were a little rosy and he looked out of breath, he must have been running outside, rather than through the pedways. He had been late for this class I concluded.

He took a few steps into the classroom and began to walk into the middle of the lecture hall. He looked so nice.

Over the summer he had filled out so well. He looked nothing like he had when I met him last year during Move-In week. The Shawn I met last fall was a tall slender kid who wore plaid way too much. When we had seen one another in person two weeks ago at the end of August there was a considerably noticeable different in him. He had spent a little time in the sun and a lot of gym at the gym. And for the first time in our friendship, I had noticed how much I was attracted to him. I had always thought he was good looking but only in a cute way. Now he was growing and parts of him were swelling large and I couldn't help but notice.

I waved to him as he looked at me and he smiled. As Shawn began to make his way up into the middle of seating I noticed a few girls turning and following him. I wasn't the only one noticing him now.

As he made his way up the few rows I removed my backpack sitting in his saved seat. As he made his way through the row he awkwardly bumped into people who were sitting in our row. I smiled watching people give him dirty looks before he put out his hand apologizing. When he bumped into a guys desk almost causing the laptop sitting on it to fall I began to giggle. When Shawn wasn't concentrating he was so lanky and had no coordination.

"Sorry. Sorry." Shawn said putting the laptop centre before moving down more.

Shawn smiled at me when he reached the spot for him and turned quickly sitting down.

"Couldn't have picked a spot on the edge could you?" He said playfully as he began to reach down into his backpack for his stuff.

"Wouldn't have been an issue if you showed up on time." I spat back.

Shawn opened his mouth to say more but quickly closed his pretty lips into a warm smile before turning to his back again. As his hands moved around inside the bag at his feet I noticed the rain drops on his black sweater, I also noticed how tightly the fabric was against his body, his shoulders looked huge and round under the black sweater.

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