your my prince - 3

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Viana POV

After vegeta kissed me, he pulled away. Vegeta looks away from me as his face is bright red.

"I.. uhmm.. IN SORRY WOMAN!" vegeta said.

Before I could say anything he fly's away without me. I sigh and sit back down as I look up at the clouds. I end up falling asleep.

Vegeta POV

I fly away from Viana, embarrassed. I fly into capsol carp and hide in my room. Bulma trys to come and bug me and I won't let that dirty woman.

I sit in a dark room wondering why I dipped, and then it dings on me that I left her alone! There are horrible things that could get her! I need to hurry back!.


??? POV

I see a girl sleeping in the medow and I pick her up and bring her to king kai's place for her to rest, she is kind of cute with green-ish blue-ish short hair.

I put her down in a guest room, where I would be staying for a while. I turn around and see king Kai.

"Zamasu, what are you doing?" King Kai asked.

"Well.. I saw she was laying in the medow on earth and decided to bring her here, shes.. very.. cute.. don't you think?" I said.

"Are... wait.. took her?" King Kai said.

"YES" I said with stars in my eyes.

"Thats kidnapping!!" King Kai said.

The girl wakes up, and looks at both of us, she has beautiful teal eyes, I couldn't resist. I kissed her.


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