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I made my way towards the ending territory of this city. But the problem is that there are so many guards guarding the territory to leave this place. If there are so much guards how many there will be on the other cities. If by some lucky chance I get through this how will I pass the next ones.

But now I should focus on the current task and that is to pass this place. There are many people with carts that are loaded with things, passing by but they are being checked by the guards. Even the sacks are being opened by the guards. It will be impossible for me to go unnoticed by them so I did the only thing that is left.

Joined the queue of people to pass through. It will be impossible for them to recognize me. They have never seen me and I don't think so that they even know that somebody is missing from the castle. I mean yes the announcements were made back in the market and I believe that on other places too but I don't think so they will go and inform the guards. They have more important works to do to than to find a girl.

So with this in mind I stood confidently. Soon the number of the people which were ahead of decreased and in no time it was my turn. A gruff looking soldier attended me.

"What is your name?" He asked in his heavy voice.

"Catherine dcouza" I lied, there is no way I can take the risk of him telling my real name. I still should take precautions.

"Take off that cloth from your face" He ordered gesturing towards the scarf that I had placed upon my mouth to cover it up. I hesitated in doing it but after getting a muderous glare from him. I took it off.

Please don't let him recognize me. Please lord. I prayed to the higher power.

There is no way that he can recognize you. My conscience assured me but all of my confidence drained by his next reaction.

His eyes widened and he took a good look at me and after staring at me for good one minute, he turned towards the other guard beside him, who was attenting other people and gestured him to bring something. After a while the guard appeared and handed him something which looked like a piece of expensive paper while all the time I stood there like a statue but all I want to do is make a run. Away. Away from all of them.

He glanced at me then at the paper and repeated the procedure two to three times then after that his eyes turned into stones. No emotion in them.

"I FOUND THE GIRL, INFORM THE KING" He yelled so other soldiers can hear him. All of their eyes turned towards me, even the civilians.

No..no..I didn't get this far from Xander for him to cage me again.

As soon as I heard those words escaping from the guards mouth, I made a dash run from the crowd. To get away from them. Because not only my life and freedom are at stake but also my heart. How can I go back when I know that I am so attracted to Xander. My enemy.

It's not wrong to love your enemy.

I know that's its not wrong but I just don't want to do it and I have several reasons for that in which the most prominent one is my father who is probably being held by him. Moreover I was happy back then without Xander in my life and I am sure I can manage without him pretty well. I am just afraid that I may handle him my heart and at the end realize that he don't want to do anything with me. That thing scares me the most.

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