Chapter 2

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Samantha's POV

Well if life couldn't be any more bitter to me. How wonderful. None of my friends are willing to hang out with me. Am I really their friend? If so, how come they always leave me alone on free days and such. They don't even bother asking me how my day was. Let's just head to the stationery instead. Even though I don't really need anything in there.

As I was reading some kind of children's book in the corner, I saw someone who looks all well familiar to me. It's Nicholai Andrews. The one and only girl that really caught my attention. She's pretty gorgeous if you look at her carefully though. I have a crush on her since 5th grade actually. The first time we talked to each other was when she helped me pick up my stuff when it fell from my bag. But I don't think she still remembers me. And I don't think I could actually get a chance to be close with her. Since she doesn't communicate that much.

I decided that maybe it's actually the right time to be friends with her. Since we're not in school and such. So I went up to her and, as I thought, she still doesn't like communicating.


Oh my god, she looks so cute with her confused face right now. I know that she was just answering my questions absentmindedly but hey, at least she's answering my questions or else I'd look like an idiot here. As we are walking outside awkwardly, I can't help but look at her from time to time. She's just drop dead gorgeous, like, from her sense of style, her face, her glasses, they all look good on her.

Sitting in the car, listening some songs while on the road seems pretty boring, which is why I find it amusing when most people get used to this kind of life, where you just sit and wait patiently inside a moving box, glancing at the time and checking if you still have enough not to be late, or simply just wish that your vehicle could teleport you to your destination hassle-free.

I arrived at my home not later than 2, I still have enough time to prepare my things for school.

I live with my mother, and our pet Peanut, a pom/husky. He is really cute that you won't even believe that he is real because of his extreme cuteness and fluffiness.

Honestly, I am just a straight up lazy ass lesbian who has nothing better to do at day, but hey, at least I go fishing for girls at the bar at night. That's how devious I am. One time, when a girl tripped in front of me, I just stared at her ass, because she was wearing a skirt at that time, and me being a useless bitch, I just stared for so long that it took my best friend to hit me on the face, with a Bible. She does Bible study every Thursday and it just so happened it was Thursday and she literally said "Sammy you useless lesbo why didn't you helped her up?!" while she was busy helping the girl and I was like, bitch it hurt. Like seriously who wouldn't admit that it hurts to be hit with a Bible on your fucking face?

I can't help but laugh at that memory, because who wouldn't though? I just got hit with a bible, like damn.

I finished packing my stuff, I also cleaned my room, just because I was bored and I don't want to just sleep all day, I am considering going back to the club though, but I also think that it might not be a good idea since class is just around the corner, and I don't want to look like a fucking zombie just because I had no sleep from all the partying.


Today is the day that I am most excited about because I am finally going to talk with her again. God how I missed her, her face, her voice, everything about her, I missed them all. I mean like who wouldn't? Especially if you know that she's in the same class as you are, you'll explode with overjoy. You know that feeling when your crush comes to you and converses you with her interesting story? Yeah, that's how I feel.

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